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  1. Euro4 picking up on snow streamer into early hours. Merseyside / Manchester few flakes poss 1-2cm above 350m.
  2. Bring on winter 2021/22 ❄ 20210410_164046.mp4
  3. I need to start taming my expectations, this past week has had a fair easterly with 12cm & drifts of 8-10ft here. March 2013 produced 24cm (although at the time I was not living in Buxton), and drifts of 10-20ft. This is really the benchmark to impress me.
  4. Looks very light. Radar suggests visibility should be under 500m. It's all evaporating / virga.
  5. Saturday > very cold air mass with strong winds, WC of -3 to -5C with risk of continuous light snow in evening (50%) and dry cold in evening (50%) Sunday > Dry initial before transitioning into an active frontal breakdown of cold, producing strong winds (30mph+) & heavy rain with the possibility of leading edge snow mostly* above 100 metres during the evening. Temps of 1-3C at the T2m air temperature level and 0-2C at the Temp Ground level (60% outcome). More drawn out break down period > temperatures close to 0 to 1C with strong winds & outbreaks of snow producing
  6. I expect another few cms say 1-4cm possible in areas prone to the Humber streamer tomorrow
  7. I think you can get the same data on meteociel. I'd say netweather is a better investment.
  8. If you want to read cloud height, take the surface pressure from the cloud top pressure (surface pressure e.g. 1010mb, cloud top pressure the pressure where the DP and Temp line diverge) and multiply the value by 30. So tops at 6330ft. Do the same but surface pressure in mb from cloud base pressure. 1010-900 = 110*30 is 3300ft. So, bases of 2-3000ft and tops of 6-7000ft roughly Will fall to 800ft and increase to 8000ft in a heavy shower. Over 20000ft in a proper convergence zone.
  9. They are quite low. This sounding suggests 8,000ft so I'd say tops are 6-8,000ft atm. A lot of the light stuff may be 3-6,000ft. Would like another opinion. I measure cloud heights in ft. Level snow metric cm Drifting imperial ft and in Temp deg C Wind speed mph Visibility metres
  10. Shame the intensity has been lost. The next frontal opportunity should be interesting. We are well overdue a widespread front embedded in a cold SE flow.
  11. Now winds are 5-10mph lighter the snow in settling to surfaces better.
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