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  1. Azores high further west like the ECM this run, but still quite a big difference between the 2 models.
  2. Hmmm 18z icon with a step back to the ECM solution, maybe it is on the money after all, ECM mean is colder than the 00z run, with some -11s in there now.
  3. Difference between ukmo and ECM at 144 is quite notable. Very cold at 168 on ecm, not too much precipitation though, would expect the ECM to be over amplifying, as it's against all the other models
  4. Mean is much improved on earlier. with the vortex pulling away from Canada and Greenland next week we definitely have a chance of a cold snap.
  5. Might just squeeze some snow showers down the east out of this chart from the ECM para at day 8. Edit, south east would probably get snow off the 216 chart.
  6. Para and OP at 162, Para should go onto get quite cold 850mb temps over the UK.
  7. It's edging closer, GFS para at 192. Ukmo will be interesting later, as had the most robust heights earlier.
  8. ECM may be an outlier v it's ensembles, but importantly it has support from its para run, ukmo and Icon, there are also some gfs ensembles that flirt with -10. Probably will be cold and frosty, but at 6-8 days away it wouldn't take much adjustment for for lower heights to make it to the UK from the east
  9. Just a hint of colder solutions appearing towards day 10, Hopefully somebody can share the extended
  10. Looks suspiciously like the GFS op and para runs from the last few days, strange how GFS does that so often. Yes it's day 10, but interest comes from the Ukmo and ECM in agreement at days 5 and 6
  11. The plot thickens at 168, a bit more amplification here and we are in business.
  12. Just logged in, thought there would have been more than one comment on that UKMO, definitely got potential, GFS doing it's spot the FI pattern and then drop it in the mid term, Gem the middle ground at 144
  13. Unfortunately that would be a cold sleety mess, but if we can keep high pressure to the North, there is ample cold available in eastern Europe
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