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  1. Awful weather today. Whether you prefer it mild (yuck) or cold this kind of weather isn't much use to anyone, especially on a Saturday.
  2. Well you can look on the bright side with the fact the warmer half of the year is rapidly approaching. Me? I think I'm going to invest in some portable AC and blackout curtains for the months of sweaty misery ahead.
  3. And some of us like the cold and hate the heat. It's time to understand that.
  4. That's very true, but that makes the longing for snow to return even stronger.
  5. Mild and damp out there now, which is very unpleasant IMO. I'm missing the snow already but it looks like I'll have to wait for December now at the earliest.
  6. Back to the usual mild weather then after a decent winter. Personally, I hope it rains all summer. I hate the heat and sun.
  7. It'll be a real shame if we don't see any more cold this winter. I've thoroughly enjoyed the cold and snow this winter, and the thought of the upcoming spring transition to warmth and sunshine is depressing.
  8. So winter's more-or-less over then? I suppose it was inevitable, since as soon as the damned Atlantic gets revved-up it's pretty much impossible to stop. If that's the case I hope it stays in charge right the way through spring and summer - if there's one thing I hate more than mild winters it's hot summers.
  9. When I look back to how things were this time last year, with storms Ciara and Dennis blowing through on successive weekends it's hard to complain about this winter. However, it would be a massive shame if this current spell proves to be the last of the winter. I have a nasty feeling that it will though.
  10. And there you have it, the "great British weather" in a nutshell.
  11. I'm enjoying the cold this winter and although it looks like we won't be seeing a huge amount of snow this week at least the mild, wet dross is being kept at bay for now.
  12. It seems this will be a one week wonder, with the depressingly inevitable Atlantic dreck moving in by next weekend. My only question now is how much snow can we squeeze out of this.
  13. It hasn't been a bad winter here for me personally, some decent falls of snow and some decent cold spells. Now the question is can we squeeze any more cold out of February before Spring sets in? As far as I see it we have around 4-6 weeks of usable winter left.
  14. Nice fall of snow earlier, but it looks like it's back to mild wet rubbish off the Atlantic soon. Oh well, at least we had something resembling winter this year. It's a pity it had to end by mid-January.
  15. I believe it's called the "Pest from the West".
  16. Nice cold, sunny weather at the moment. If we can't have any more snow this is the next best thing.
  17. Nice fall of snow earlier and now the sky is clear with the moon shining down on the snowfields. Couldn't look any more seasonal out there at the moment. Best thing is it's still the time of year with the longest nights and with more cold to come this could be the best winter here since 2012-13, even if it does turn mild for the 2nd half of January.
  18. This is the best fall of snow for us since the BFTE back in 2018. I can't believe I've had to wait this long for a decent fall of snow (around 2 inches) but this winter continues to surprise.
  19. MetO forecast winds here continue to be downgraded for my part of the West Midlands. Yesterday they were forecasting 28mph sustained with 54mph gusts around midnight tonight, now as of 11pm winds are forecast to top out around 24 sustained with 45mph gusts. Quite a drop and I can't say I'm sorry to see the reduction - I hate strong winds.
  20. It's vile out there at the moment. Temps pushing 12C, strong wind, damp, humid with heavy rain and very, very dull. This is my worst kind of winter weather. But, as Darren Bett would (maybe) say: "at least it's moild!" 😒 Roll on the cool(ish) weather next week.
  21. The netweather forecast headline at the bottom of the page sums it up sadly - there is no uncertainty abut the mild weather to come, but cold? That's just hints at the moment, hints that are probably not going to come off. I hope I'm wrong but my gut tells me it'll be unsettled, wet and probably very windy this Christmas, with whatever Atlantic ridging showing at the moment flattening out, and then back to default, putrid mild southwesterlies by New Year.
  22. I've just noticed the Met Office's forecast temperatures have come down a couple of degrees since earlier in the net few days. This morning they were forecasting temps around 8-9C, now temps could be at 6C by the 23rd. Not a huge drop but it's definitely colder, and the trend is down.
  23. More optimism again on the Model Chat thread, seems hype is growing for a potentially cold Christmas. There's even a chance of a cold N/NWrly wind bringing in some snow showers - chance of a few sneaking my way via the Cheshire Gap? 👀
  24. And summer is still summer, with the birds chirping outside my window at 4AM! 😂
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