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    Last night was creepy enough,but for a creepy laugh watch spitting image halloween sums last night nicely.
  2. I havn`t heard that one no,I did hear the other ella henderson song new one the other day. Roger Sanchez classic mixed in.
  3. Strongest southerly winds so far this autumn then a heavy rain squall but wind wasn`t that much by then.
  4. From back during this summer. I would never of guessed that was Ella Henderson singing that.
  5. Very different to this time last year currently the jet was much further south last autumn giving that copious amounts of flooding. As it came to early november it did give the first early snowfall covering since that famous late october 2008.
  6. First post this october has been very average in every way temperatures wind and rainfall although I just had to take a look at that its been surprisingly wetter that what it seems but theres been no floods this season yet after the crazy wet autumn it was last year. As for halloween it does look very mild and pretty wet I hope not.
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