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  1. Just starting to look a little more promising on the radar for us in mid Sussex,as long as it makes it over the north downs and ashdown forest without breaking up! Winds have definitely become a little more north easterly today so we'll see!
  2. Must admit not too optimistic here either,everything has fizzled out by the time it gets down to our zone so far!
  3. It's kind of the same here too just up the road,looking like we may actually get a bit in our neck of the woods today!
  4. Few light flakes in a very keen breeze at the top of the south downs here at around 550 ft asl. Was minus 3 when I left my house but far colder up here,perhaps minus 5! The wind chill is in another league up here and could easily be approaching minus 10!! Altitude gain =baltic!!
  5. Heading out for a nice hike to the south downs. Currently - 3 in hassocks but likely to be a couple lower on top of there!
  6. It's a bit better now this side of the downs too🙂,but still not making too much difference yet!
  7. Light snow here now for the last couple of hours but just a slight uptick in flake size and intensity. Was really only expecting a flurry or two today but sky says otherwise! Was - 1 earlier on but - 2 here now.
  8. Morning all. After a long evening last night and crashing out in the end I have woken up to a cm or so of wind blown dandruff! Not much to write home about but better than nothing I guess. Currently - 2 and very light snow here with a pretty savage windchill factor!
  9. Some very light snow starting to fall here now,it's trying it's best to creep a little more in my direction. Fiercely cold here in the wind that has picked up a bit more in the last half hour! Only time will tell!
  10. Likewise here and yes definitely better to not catch that for sure! Hoping to stay up for a bit too and wish you good luck with getting some snow also. Been a little light on snow here in our area its fair to say so we deserve a bit tonight😂!x
  11. With the recent intensity increase and seemingly slightly better winds now too how do you think I may fare here near the foot of the south downs(north side)? Seems to be a bit more favourable here now in the last hour or so!
  12. Your welcome glad you feel better now. My old man was rough after his first one last week too! Was kind of thinking a couple of hours too if it makes it this time! Alarm is set for 2 in case I crash😂!
  13. It definitely is now the radar has pepped up a bit. Well done on getting your jab done and hope you're feeling better now! Gonna give it another hour if my eyes can hack it😂!
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