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  1. Think that was January 2010, we got about 3-4 inches. Even December 2010 was poor here with areas North&South&East of here hammered
  2. I'd love to see them, but for low lying areas like mine these days especially early in the winter with the warmth of the Irish Sea, it often means rain/sleet. that's if we get them at all now.
  3. Looking at what the Americans think and with the ongoing general warming we could be looking at a record number of 'named' storms. and probably some sort of mild/flooding record broken at some point.
  4. Others may know better but this isn't good news - September 2020 ENSO update: La Niña is here! | NOAA Climate.gov WWW.CLIMATE.GOV La Niña is here and likely to continue through the winter. Our blogger covers current tropical Pacific conditions and what La Niña can... Suggests low pressure coming across the Atlantic and a mild pattern with the cold away well away to the North.
  5. I think Stafford has done better than here - this December it will be 20 years since we last had a 10cm fall.
  6. About 10 miles NW of there, sadly one of the most snowless areas of the UK !
  7. Very quiet weather over the last few days, looks like it is about to change !
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