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  1. Where can I find l’ombre range discussion thinking April / beer garden / easter # roadmap
  2. Can someone give me the forecast for April please. I need to plan an afternoon in the beer garden!
  3. Walk to keyworker school ended in diversion to build a snowman and a snowday. Thames streamers- where do they track? I never paid attention before as I just knew they didn’t affect us. But since moved west
  4. Hubby is paramedic working 10am-10pm in east Kent tomorrow he always works in the snow!
  5. What happens if it moves NW? I can’t understand the significant difference in forecasts of 5 miles difference?
  6. I told them it was two sleeps away- they are 5 (twins) one woke up at 3am last night to ask if it was snowing yet... thing is it’s going to be too icy to even drive in it I’m sure
  7. Can someone help me understand I used to live in north downs and ashford and hythe ... they all have tons of snow forecast (over 10cm) . I now live in hamstreet (5miles west) and forecast (1.5 cm) I’m in trouble with my children! why is it so different ?
  8. I think we are 3 miles too far west in hamstreet. 5 miles to ashford and 10 to hythe and adding up the forecasted amounts looks like hythe will get 15cm
  9. We had a massive new generation of ducks at our village pond this year increasing from about 8 to about 45. Took them a huge bag of food in preparation but pleased to see they had been fed a lot. They wernt too hungry but very noisy !
  10. Hopefully you can walk it! From myself and others I know you get more after effects the better your immunity both hubby and I were tired a few days but he was like flu i was fine
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