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  1. Apologies im dyslexic I havmt made that overly clear! I meant im researching the perfect 1/2/3 scenario in a nina year as in researching possibilities in this base state and that the last the 1/2/3 scenario played out was in 1947
  2. Mainly cold unsettled with some snow for elevation maybe down to lower levels as we build our own cold pool (a la Steve murr) followed by a bening but cold end to December courtesy of high pressure moving back over to the west of us. A stormy first half of January as we flush down the zonal winds and as you say main course middle to end of January into February. It is dependant on a ssw being the correct call but confidence is relatively high of getting one currently in my eyes. Knowing natural wavelengths in feb in nina years I'd expect any Northern blocking to take hold Griceland which is ho
  3. Yes most of the time a rampant PV is almost a death knell to winters prospects but there is a reason why not every winter reads a script. The atmosphere isn't behaving in a nina state just yet. Im simple terms. If we were in a nina state the tropical convection wouldn't get much past the Indian Ocean as the easterly winds would scrub out the westerly winds. As it is the base state is allowing the tropical convection further west. If you add the huge eamt event recently all the talk of winter over after mid January I believe is very premature. Now what we basically have is almost a neutral base
  4. Is there a discussion for technical opinions where you don't get patronized and picked apart by people that don't understand the science. I know Tamara has also been put off at times 100% due to the nature of the new science involved.
  5. This is a good thing. We want this close as we want the western European trough to drive against this and push some heat up into the strat
  6. Clever response. I'll continue to keep my knowledge and work i do to myself. Just keep an eye out for some papers on the subject on the 17th of December
  7. Yes and so do you MET4cast as ive seen you post them. Im not here to have my views picked apart. I don't post often as I work researching future meteorology. Comments like that patronizing are what put me off commentating in the first place. Get a grip and some respect
  8. Ans its angular momentum that creates this amplification. It doesn't just happen randomly its all part of an angular momentum budget so excuse me its not mumbo jumbo. Tamara I'm sure would explain as I dont have the time to get into it. But it's not "mumbo jumbo"
  9. 2010 had a huge eamt event that did a similar thing. But it was a bigger event than what is seen this year. The difference this year is we already have a huge Russian HP moving west. The torque event will drive the Greenland pressure rises the resultant trough dropping into western Europe against an advancing russian/Scandinavian block and Aleutian low is the second stage of the 3 stage process. We didn't have such a huge pressure rise to the east in 2010 to give us a ssw chance. This set up has the potential to deliver a long period of below average temperatures if we follow December with hig
  10. Its the second layer of angular momentum that drives dense cold away from an increase in easterly trade winds also driven by a higher gwo orbit. Its the first stage of 3 ssw precursors. Something studied by nasa currently not know by many in British meteorology but will all be made available soon. From the model I have been lucky to see there is a 45% chance of a ssw between the 19th and 29th of December
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