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  1. Surprisingly (given the prolonged chill and also Ash-Die-back) I spied an ash tree in leaf on the outskirts of Sheffield earlier. Not a sign of any oaks even budding at this stage. ‘Ash then oak...’ Sheffield may have a ‘soak’ to look forward to in the summer☹️
  2. The 30 year average high in Sheffield is 12.3C and the low 4.1C (and the low is ameliorated by our urban location) There’s absolutely nothing abnormal about the range of temperatures we’ve been getting in many locations this month. More frost than we’ve grown used to, but strong April sun soon takes edge off the chill and April frosts are not rare in UK/Ireland. Expectations of April weather are well off the mark tbh.
  3. Agreed! It’s not the cold April weather that’s unusual, in fact cold winds, frost and even snow are common in early April. It’s the ridiculously high day time temperatures in March (some 10-14C above normal) that many people (even model-watchers) seem to whoop and cheer for, that cause carnage in gardens and for wildlife. In a normal April, wildlife and gardens could cope with blasts of cold. Pressing a fast forward button early in the season, on what should be a slow, gradual unfolding of nature is the real problem, not relatively common April chill. Extreme heat in late winter and early Sp
  4. Pretty normal and (thankfully) average model watching for early Spring. It shouldn’t be warm this early in the year. Good to be experiencing average climatic conditions. A temperate, oceanic climate is what we live under, and in early Spring that means cool, variable conditions with a strengthening sun to occasionally make it feel warmer. Weather as it should be...and glad of it.
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