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  1. My partner is working today doing deliveries for Sainsbury (this isn’t his real job, that’s events which is Non existent currently) his first issue was driving to work through rural Kent, but he made it. These drivers are paid very little a d work in all weathers, so spare a thought for them. Hope you get your shopping 🙂
  2. Temperature has now dropped and It’s turned from sleet to snow now and started to settle here in north Kent 🙂 Hopefully by doggy walk time it will be a winter wonderland!!
  3. How exciting 🙂 hope we get some decent white stuff here! My day off work tomorow, bring it on!
  4. It’s gotta be interesting and extreme! 

    1. lassie23


      are you talking fishing

  5. Crockenhill, just outside Swanley, sky’s dark and rumbling thunder, no rain, hail or lightening yet :-)
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