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  1. The convergence line is north of brecon sadly, its a bust for us (I am in Neath valley by the way)
  2. Looks like convergence line for wales was much further north, about 20 miles north of brecon east to west. Its to late for me to drive up there now so looks like the end for me today. Hope you all enjoy looks like heatwave is breaking down a big bust here soon.
  3. Starved South EAST lol , nothing in south wales from Carmarthen alway to bristol. Not a sausage and looking at the UKV its going to be another bust again.
  4. There is 3 convergence zones atm than I can see looking at sat loops, everything is north of us, those ones over london are not going due west, they are going north west as the LP pushes up from france.
  5. Cap has broken out to the adlantic heading into Irish sea, you can see thhe tower pop up on the windy sat images
  6. I am in 2 minds to start heading off to welsh border near ross on wye, looking at AROME majority seem to pass me to the west or to the north east.
  7. not at all, someone posted a simulated infra red rain fall animation, and it showed a massive explosion of storms across majority of midlands and northwales it looked HUGE
  8. I am in same boat as you, I am willing to travel if I get enough notice, I can go up treorchy way or even breacon
  9. Fab hopefully they will be towards the 11pm time frame. You will get them before me then so I take a drive to porthcawl and watch out towards cardiff
  10. A very serious question now I guess from me, are we going to see what happened last night over mid wales be more south over M4 corridor. And will it be in the night hours? Daytime storms for me anyway while good just dont have the same pasaz
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