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  1. A stunning warm blue skies sunny day today. Hot enough for the sunbathers to be out in their bikinis and for the few brave some sea splashing going on. sweaty and humid inland but sat here on the beach under a groyne the sea breeze makes it perfect. Watching some interesting clouds forming over the sea. 17% storm chance. Hope it develops
  2. Not my photo but I think this was the strike that scared the living wibble out of us. From reports it struck less than a mile from where we were. @LightningLover
  3. Last night turned out much better than expected. At first it was the same old lightning over the sea job, as the storm moved north it stayed west of us producing some lovely pink lightening, it then slowly shifted north east and casually passed north of us. Following rapidly behind was another cell, yet against producing plenty of nice lightning and some nice rolls of thunder, it followed the first storms path. By the time it departed there was ANOTHER cell out to sea, this time it was approaching from slightly further east, lightning was spaced further apart but boy they were good ones, lots of CG’s. This storm delighted us by not taking the exact same route as the first ones, and stayed on course for a direct hit, and yes it hit. We were caught off guard several times by large lightening strikes close by, pretty sure there was one within half a mile if not closer, we’re talking Postive CG crackle huge explosion and deep floor and shelter vibrating rumbles. Then the rain hit, huge convective drops straight down in sheets, visibility reduced and rivers running down the prom. The storm passed over head heading north east providing some lovely lightening to the north of us as we made our tired yet charged way home.
  4. Wow! Wow! At last it’s actually hitting us for once… though almost literally ️ Think the are recovering… oh wibble .. that one was horrendously close .. so close that I’m now shaking.. and wibbleit so was that one..
  5. You’ll hear us.. I’m sure you probably can hear the manic girls
  6. We are walking that way as the shelter we headed for was taken. Was thinking a Delaware dome might be cool but not sure if the buildings would be in the way
  7. The girls are coatless. We are heading for the shelter near the car thingy
  8. Raining here but sneaking out for a look as the girls have seen lightening
  9. I just use my phone for everything. I’d love to use my camera but I need a new SD card and keep forgetting to order one
  10. Well that particular cloudscape fell apart and is now just raining.. and guess what; history is repeating; we are up the hill and my phone is dying.
  11. Decided to make a dash for it after just one rumble of thunder as disntvfancy getting caught in hail.. and of course Mother Nature decided to turn the rain up a couple of notches as soon as we were clear of any shelter and my battery died so couldn’t grab any more pics. Watched what looked like a small funnel try to form over the sea but could have just been scud. Gave up when the rain eased and legged it home. So turns out the 35% storm chance at 7pm was one rumble and some rain
  12. Was on galley hill then, It sure was dark north/northeast/northwest
  13. This one has rolled towards the coast enough to get us wet, but it’s stopped doing anything interesting, though I spy a hail core on radar radar which I’m hoping doesn’t get this far as we are on foot
  14. Saw it rolling in, checked the radar and dived up the hill now stuck sitting under the skate ramp in the rain in the edges of it
  15. 1% battery remaining and we are up the hill being rained on from the outer edges of the lovely cell to the north
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