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  1. Those showers look to be pushing in further west. Maybe there is another little dusting on the cards for Bedfordshire.
  2. Just come in from work. Loads of snow in Central London and barely any slush on the pavements, just trodden in snow. It was still snowing quite heavily but the wind chill was incredibly cold - Proper cold! Back up in Central Beds, there isn't much snow, but it still is such a memorable spell of cold weather here too. And when its weather like this, you appreciate the simple things. A warm home when you come in from the cold,a roaring fire and in my case, some home made chicken soup followed by a nice mug of hot tea. Ain't life grand.
  3. Its great that a lot of you have got tons of snow. For us here we've had a little bit,maybe a cm or two. It looks as if the big man above has emptied the remnants of his flour sack over us as an afterthought. Clouding over now,though. Maybe we'll get another sprinkle.
  4. It was fascinating travelling down to London from Bedfordshire on the train yesterday afternoon. You could see all the snow showers dotted about the horizon and it was amazing to see how localised some of them were.If you looked out of the window to your west, it was sunny and then to the east, it was snowing.Literally the width of the railway track difference, Quite something really.
  5. Come on showers - just a little bit further, you can do it.
  6. Just had a few flakes coming down in Central Beds. Lasted about ten seconds :).
  7. Morning everyone, Sunshine in Central Bedfordshire. Not a flake so far.
  8. Lol here's my entry on a fence post
  9. I'd say we have 2 or 3cm here but it won't last long. I can already hear the drip drip of melting snow.
  10. I know exactly what you mean.I was in Lithuania over Christmas and it hammered it down with snow on Christmas Eve.The snow ploughs were out in the morning including little ones for pavements . By Boxing day it was -15 and the snow was sparkling in the glorious sunshine.For us,especially in the south of the UK,something like that is so rare that we end up happy with maybe 2cm of snow that melts by midday. At least it was proper snowball making snow last night,though
  11. I'd like to offer some hope for coldies this winter.I'm off to Lithuania for a huge family reunion on my wife's side. I'm 43 and I have never seen a white Christmas in the UK and always stayed at home. This year, sod's law dictates snow will fall at Christmas and it will be nice and cold in the UK. I'm going to stick a bet on to soften the blow .