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  1. 13c this morning. Lovely. Another day ticked off without frost and ice.
  2. I am absolutely jealous that it is still 24/25c . Not gonna see that till April/May IF we are lucky!
  3. Genuine taste of Autumn this morning when I rolled back the curtains. Gloomy. Wet. Not really all that cold but depressingly a taste of things to come for the next four months.
  4. Splendid afternoon. Beautiful sunshine.Pleasant. Warmer today even thought it was supposed to be cooler than Friday which was actually cooler than today. Rather hoping this will last for much of the autumn given that summer failed to deliver and spring was just an extension of winter. Mother Nature sometimes intervenes to redress the balance!
  5. The 'heatwave' in Dudley consisted of 3 days of cloud, no sun and temps of 19c 15c and 18c. But at least it didn't rain.
  6. Really looking forward to the next 3 days of warmth. Hoping for a mild October. Pay back for the April/May extension of winter by 2 months.
  7. Shocking rubbish. Cold. Downpours all afternoon. Feet are froze. Luckily a nice bit of weather coming up Thursday onwards. Hopefully see 20c at least.
  8. Although not scientific in my study of weather I would like to know why it takes 3 days to go from summer to winter but 3 months to from winter to summer? It has always been a source if great displeasure.
  9. If I remember correctly round here we had a heavy snowfall late December and I remember sweeping the drive. A further fall around New Year Day and more snow sweeping. Then a couple of weeks later another snow fall and yet more sweeping. We definitely had 3 if not 4 fairly decent snow falls late December/ then January. I even had to buy a new brush I was that busy clearing the drive. The snow was on the ground for a good while which showed how generally cold it was for about 3 weeks.
  10. Yes. But the rain might clear by 9am and it could be bright and mild!!
  11. I quite like rain at night in winter. It usually means the temps are fairly mild and there is no frost, ice or fog so I'm not freezing to death scraping the car before work .
  12. Absolutely hideous out there.Lashing it down. Dark already. 13c. March 2022 seems a long long way off.
  13. The model thread showing the other side of autumn with temps in the low 20's from the 8th to 10th October.
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