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  1. I just hate the cold and wish I lived on a tropical island where the minimum temp is 25c. But that is just me.
  2. Yeukh. SW winds till about mid March then they can go away. Do me please.
  3. Its jolly chilly. The cold seems to have arrived early this year. I am normally holding out for mid November but this is shocking. Hopefully a mid Feb warm spell will make up for it.
  4. Is there any brainy scientist types out there who could possibly stop the sun from moving away from the Northern hemisphere for a bit? Like 6 months.
  5. Looking forward to a mild wet and windy winter. With minimal frosts ice and snow. The less ice and snow the better.
  6. I walked for 10 mins up the road to the bus stop this afternoon . Got absolutely drenched. Still drying out in the pub. The joys of Autumn in Dudley. Mind you they always say ' it doesn't rain in the pub' . Luckily it has got a roof.
  7. Yes. Great to see the Aussies collapsing in a heap. I reckon 63 for 8 at the end. Let's hope the weather is good in Manchester for the decider on Wednesday!
  8. I was watching the cricket from Manchester on TV earlier and the cameras picked out the sunset in the West. About 7pm. Quite stunning. Reminded me of my old Stranglers t shirt Rattus Norveigicus. Being the old punk I am.
  9. Can't say we have had a really warm summery weekend since June started. I make it 14 weekends now. Possibly the only warm one was about mid June. But even that was thundery. The early August one was characterised by a windy NE wind on the Saturday which took the edge off the temp. And the Sunday was cold until about 4pm due to cloud off the North sea. I am resigned to looking forward to next May already. A long long long way off.
  10. Very pleasant afternoon in Wolverhampton. Making the most of extended Bank Holiday with a couple of days leave. Tour about a few pubs and taking in the T20 cricket England game with a few beers. Nice day. Nice evening. Something about late summer/early Autumn as the evenings draw in.
  11. Rubbish summer. I look forward to some nice warmth every year and most times it is just boring grey cold windy puke off the Atlantic. And now it's just another 8 months of the same. Be it 4 or 5 degrees cooler.Ribbish.
  12. Nothing more embarrassing than the sight of overseas cricketers 'warming up' for the days cricket in woolly hats, 3 woolly jumpers and 2 pairs of trousers in the middle of July in the UK. Global warming ?
  13. I wish climate change arrives quickly. So we get a proper summer instead of the boring cold windy wet insipid dross that plagues us each year. I do get annoyed when weather forecasters announce in June that the jet stream is usually far North. Reality is it is far far South and we are bombarded with unpleasantness.
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