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  1. We can still here it rumbling here. Didn't get any lightning where we are but we got the edge of it. The rainfall look crazy in the middle of it. I'm waiting to her from my mum about 4 miles from ours as the centre of the storm passed over there's
  2. I wish it was around 10pm would of been an great lightning show
  3. We have just had a humdinger of a storm here and it's now back building
  4. Few rumbles here but some mega cloud structures appear as things start to build
  5. Fingers crossed for a hit from the storm tracking across east anglia.
  6. I'm watching that storm tracking across Anglia hoping for a high with it in the next hour fingers crossed
  7. I really do hope it tracks to South lincs we need the rain.m and still even after all this heat we are waiting for our first storm
  8. Any chance of a storm around Peterborough today in need of some rain
  9. Looks like we could be in for something maybe this morning few cells popping up
  10. I'm around Spalding area and temperature is climbing any chance of a storm for our region today.
  11. Any chance of anything reaching south Lincolnshire today. Temperature all ready at 24 and rising bright sun shine here as well
  12. 1st July 2015 remember this day well as we moved in to our house. Very hot day and then as soon as dark hit it all kicked off
  13. Where have you been? I've been out in the garden at pinchbeck and have got sun burnt.
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