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  1. Still storm less up here in Gateshead..... Please someone tell me some good news, will a storm finally get to us???
  2. Alex's, I would gladly take warm southerly winds right now, its freezing up here.... Lol.
  3. Up here in gateshead, we have some fabulous looking cloud formations. Wish we could get a bit more in the way of activity though.
  4. Last Friday, around 2am had a huge active storm out over North Sea!!!! Since then been nothing but rain and wind.
  5. Thunder Thursday!!!! 2015, I think. Most impressive mothership storm front I've ever seen here in NE UK.
  6. hi all, im in Gateshead, NE. Had some activity at the end of last week, lightening was visible even though storm was way out at sea. first time ive ever seen red lightening low down and white from cloud layer and above!
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