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  1. As expected, a total bust for 99.9%. Now we are left with the cloud and mizzle.
  2. Seem to be cursed when it comes to holiday weather. Each time we go away in the UK it's guaranteed great weather the week before or after but never during our stay. So off we head to Devon next Saturday for a week
  3. All kicking off here in Reigate, if you excuse the pun. Torrential rain and quite a few fork lightning strikes.
  4. Torrential rain here in Reigate, sky is black, surely has to thunder soon?!!
  5. Nice to see the French weather channel La Chaine Meteo now talking about a major snowstorm with 'lake effect' snow affecting the UK from the weekend onwards.
  6. View from Reigate Hill looking South West, some nice towers shooting up and a storm heading on from Horsham direction.
  7. Where the heck has the sun gone? Three days of clag and high humidity. Looks like another fail for any storms here today again. Very disappointing end to the heatwave so far.
  8. No storms in Reigate this year, despite weather warnings galore, same as last year and the year before.
  9. 100% agree, to have a weather warning over the whole country for 7 days when clearly some areas were far more likely than others is just ridiculous. Quite amateurish compared to the detailed forecasting from Nick F.
  10. An oppressive 30 degrees here near Gatwick at 10:30. Hotter than yesterday, more chance of a storm later albeit still a slim one. Here's hoping we can get some decent storms down South over the next few days. Surely we can't continue our unlucky streak.
  11. A few decent days for most coming up but then it goes badly downhill for the Midlands north again. I'm off to the Lake District for a couple of weeks just at that turning point, only positive it should keep some of the people trashing the outdoors inside. Time to embrace the drizzle.
  12. So here in Reigate just south of London I suppose I shouldn't complain (but I will) as it's been very mediocre weather the past few weeks, a few nice days upto 25 degrees but generally the theme has been dry and cloudy and boring. Thing that gets me is the lack of storms, none, not even one despite nearly everyone else getting some. Been many years since I can actually remember a good storm hitting here. I do feel sorry for other parts of the country who are having to endure utter dross everyday, fed up of hearing the Azores high edging towards us at D7 etc then changing. What is the point of the models at that range when they consistently get the wrong signals.
  13. After a very forgettable weather week this weekend is looking great. Beautiful start to the day, not a cloud in the sky. Looks like a reasonable spell of weather coming up too.
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