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  1. Just had a really nice surprise storm over Bristol very bright lightning heavy rain and lovely deep thunder right above me!
  2. Some lightning shots I got today from the storms in Bristol! Really glad I finally got something over here 😅
  3. How selfish you too would be moaning when the bloody north is getting thunderstorms whilst us in the south have to endure this heat and get no reward.
  4. Looks like im in a good location for today, hope to finally see something 😂
  5. I can see lightning from the Birmingham storm all the way from Bristol
  6. Would love to see a repeat of the 2019 24th July plume, the whole of the country got action overnight!
  7. Stopped using BBC weather last year, they are super bad with predicting thunderstorms
  8. Charts showing thunderstorms moving up from the channel Wednesday > Thursday night into the SE but im guessing that could change fast and also im no expert.
  9. South feels different today from what i can see, no dense low cloud this morning which allowed temp to rise quickly, air has that before storm feeling to it!
  10. Currently 28.3*C in Bristol, dew point is at 19.7*C Humidity at 60% Air feels super dense and sticky , feels hard to breath. I am sure we will hit 30*C today as temp is rocketing up. Any chance of thunderstorms in north somerset this evening or night? 🤞
  11. How can the met office video forecast on YouTube be so wrong?? Where are the scattered showers/thunderstorms that were due to arrive to the south this morning?
  12. Noticed that too, doesnt make sense why it would suddenly die so fast
  13. If anyone gets a good vid of the storm and uploads to youtube make sure to leave a link here for the rest of us 😛
  14. Christ that Warwick cell has just exploded non stop lightning on lightningmaps
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