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  1. updated the firmware, really easy to do Wifi EasyWeather V1.5.0 Firmware PRO_V1.6.0
  2. @Gavztheouch did that get it updating to WU
  3. I reported on another forum at 08:44 it was not working, by 11:55 it was online , tried manythings, but I changed the interval to 5mins and that seemed to let it burst into life after about 20/30 mins The ID is all capitals and the Key is case sensitive Is it working ok to ecowitt.net ?
  4. Today , I setup the barometer correctly with a lot of help from another forum So my server updates for pressure should now be correct , based on METAR from goodwood airfield & my elivation of 6m based on various websites to get the correct REL prssure good fun so far m and unit has met all y expectations no limitations so far now reporting to the following servers , quite easy to setup I also have the ability to set a custom server to another service , so just looking at those PWS Ecowitt.net:https://www.ecowitt.net/home/index?id=19826 Weathercloud:https://www.wund
  5. i have Now fixed the unit in its final (hopefully) position. cleared all the data and started again on the Web server sites Also managed to connect it to ecowitt.net & weathercloud PWS Ecowitt.net https://tinyurl.com/ydhbdqhv Weathercloud https://tinyurl.com/yatfdmx7 need to create a free account to view the data on Ecowitt. The Wunderground site just reports the unit as offline , not sure why And WOW met office site, wont let me login , site seems to be down. E-Witt-W8686-ETAF the indoor temp gauge is very slow to respond, i have trie dout in
  6. The Unit is now in position, not as high as i planned as the post moved a lot as did the pole, so i need rethink that , about 2m lower than planned. I cleared all the history / max-min settings Deleted the device from ecowitt.net and reset all up https://www.ecowitt.net/home/index?id=19826
  7. i have added the unit to ecowitt.net, very very simple to do Ecowitt Weather WWW.ECOWITT.NET But you need to register an account to see the info, even though set to public, which i did not expect, hoped that just with the URL and ID irt would display I will have another play today Indoor sensor is in the fridge , its very slow to respond been in for 50mins and still going down I will test the rain meter Also put the indoor sensor in various location Re-site the sensors to hopefully their final position
  8. in google maps try entering 52.2813 , 0.5964 see where that puts you on the map, between Cavenham & Risby, Bury St Edmonds way you can then click on your position and get the readings
  9. i thought i might provide some info / update on my new Weather station i have just received today (29th May 2020) I spent a few days doing a lot of research and had some great advice and links to information from members on another forum. And certainly was seriously considering the Davis Plus Pro2 but for various reason , Position , Price I stopped that, maybe if i get hooked in the future £1500 So i decided on the Watson W8686 , a clone of the HP 2550 from Fine-offset / Ecowitt Ordered the Watson W8686 from nevada Thursday 28th May around 10pm Watson W8686 – NEW! – Nevad
  10. i purchased on yesterday and arrived today from nevada Watson W8686 I will perhaps start a new thread with first impressions, already posted in another forum so just a cut and past
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