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    Cambridge, UK severe weather

    All the images I will take of thunderstorms and other severe weather around Cambridge and the rest of the UK.
  2. From the album: Cambridge, UK severe weather

    An ancient image from 2017 representing my only capture of the phenomenon. The image is from a plane, looking directly to the north. You can 'see' the noctilucent clouds as a band of cirrus-like clouds above the horizon. Taken in June/July. It was really interesting, flying in the dark, watching the sun still shining over northern countries.
  3. From the album: Cambridge, UK severe weather

    After trying and failing to get a decent timelapse, I went out to see if there were any more mammatus clouds, my house being right under the anvil of a storm. I looked out of a window pointing to the west and almost had a heart attack. It was the best funnel cloud I have ever SEEN, a grey finger pointing towards the earth from a deck of especially dark cloud. But, for once, even my speed was not enough to catch it. When I shifted location to get a better view, it had fallen apart. The tendrils reaching from the cloud are where it was. It would have been a spectacular image had I caught it
  4. Gleb Berloff

    Receding storm

    From the album: Cambridge, UK severe weather

    Another shot of the anvil of a storm which sidetracked Cambridge today, containing mammatus clouds. I thought this was just great, until I looked out of my other window and practically had a heart attack...
  5. From the album: Cambridge, UK severe weather

    Very windy today, a drizzle swept over Cambridge. Intense skies and thunderstorms, but everything stayed away. That I thought, until I looked out of the window. These are the most spectacular mammatus clouds I have ever seen, on par with ones earlier this year from a train going from Bristol.
  6. Thanks! Nice to hear that. And yes, there was an exceptionally violent bombardment of hail a few minutes after I took this particular image...
  7. That's a thousand times better than the one I saw in 2016... Congratulations!!
  8. From the album: Cambridge, UK severe weather

    Filming a severe thunderstorm which hit town on the 30th April, I caught a lightning bolt right behind the menacing-looking shelf cloud...
  9. From the album: Cambridge, UK severe weather

    Whilst filming one of the 3 storms that hit Cambridge on the 12th April, a massive blast of lightning lit up the entire sky!
  10. From the album: Cambridge, UK severe weather

    During the three storms that impacted Cambridge on my birthday, 12 April 2020, I was filming a storm when THIS happened. Long have I waited for this!!
  11. Of course there will be more thunderstorms! I seriously won't be surprised if there will be a very severe storm with this heat. Today I hoped for a supercell- and was...dissapointed when the tornado warning did not manifest. But there have been 4 thunderstorms over Cambridge this year already, three of them on the 12th April and a very violent one on the 30th April. In addition to an awesome-looking cell near Bristol on the 1st March.
  12. Hi, I live in Cambridge, and on the 30th April this year a really violent thunderstorm, with lightning, strong wind, hail and really loud thunder, sped over the city. I took numerous pictures of the event- does anyone have any idea what type of storm this is, and is the cloud formation depicted on the first image a shelf cloud? In addition, is it just me, or do the clouds have a very slight greenish tinge to them? Thanks!
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