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  1. LOL. You need to empty your inbox.

    Take a look at my post here:


    Global temps may be on the way down. :shok::D:cold:

  2. This is my favourite smilie - let's hope there will be plenty of times to use it in the days / weeks / months / years ahead:


  3. Great METO. The Sunday / Monday low is weaker than on GFS, but this allows it to take a more southerly track - right in over us.


    NE winds again on Monday :O

  4. And the answer is not really, but better than the previous run. ;)

  5. Looking good. I am waiting to see if the unwelcome warm days late in FI on the 6z run have been scrubbed. ;)

  6. I wouldn't have thought there would be anything dangerous with a temp of 10c in July. ;)

    The synoptics I would describe as very good. :D

  7. Colder on Saturday - only 10-12c. :O :O :O

  8. Only 12 or 13c in most places on Friday :O :O

  9. I noticed Dave Clarke has visited us. ;)

  10. It was already at no. Maybe you need to make a certain minimum number of posts to be able to use it? I know TWO also have that ridiculous requirement.

  11. Might as well wait for the 12z run now. Then we'll have a better idea anyway.

  12. Oh well. You will just have to take my word for it then. ;)

  13. Do you include the "png" at the end?

  14. Incidentally, I don't know how to enable messages. ;)

  15. Final word of that previous comment should be outlier. ;)

    Got chopped on the word count evidently. ;)

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