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    Nr Driffield, E Yorks, (66m ASL)
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    Football (West Ham Utd), Cars - classic & retro, Country shows & Country Pubs.
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  1. From under stimulation
  2. Walking the hound round the village tonite it feels quite mild even though we have steady rain, quite refreshing tbh, although a return to last weeks glorious sunshine would be most welcome!
  3. Like Man-u resolve
  4. Wipe clean rubber
  5. With willing friends
  6. Missed all the rain today, been a lovely day, T-shirt weather when then sun was out, occasionally cloudy but a very useful day, local beer garden was just about tolerable at teatime for a swift few 😉
  7. Pleasant day up norf today, missed the showers, T-shirt weather when then sun was out, managed a couple of teatime beers in local pub beer garden before mist/cloud kicked in about 6.30, #grab it while you can,
  8. With arrested development
  9. With their appendage
  10. All options available
  11. 16.5 degrees here and bright sunshine, might get a degree or two warmer this aft, gotta grab it whilst you can 👍
  12. 16.5 degrees here at the moment, bright sunshine, a few clouds but nothing detrimental, i would say a couple of degrees warmer out of the breeze, gotta grab it while you can 😁
  13. Fantastic pics and videos of the storms tonight, made for fantastic viewing and thanks to all that have shared, if these storms had of been in the southeast of England Netweather would have crashed 😁👍
  14. That is impressive, hell of a storm, brilliant video 👍👍
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