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  1. i remember many commenting when i joined but i don't think any of them have commented
  2. next week i have got 3 days in a row with 50% or more storm chance
  3. In the us there was a massive traffic jam on the highway in the uk that's called tuesday In the us there was a massive rain storm it submered Los Angeles in the uk that's called Wednesday
  4. Hair straiteners the noise they make
  5. Does anyone know what tupe of test could devise wether violet light acts more particle like than red light
  6. Congratulations to Gasly he deserved it what f1 would be like without Hamilton would be amazing but i'm not saying anything against hamilton
  7. Because i'm bored a yearly outlook 2021 January Rain above average High 17oc Low - 3oc Snow little to none february rain above average high 19oc Low 2oc snow little
  8. I feel the education system is discrimitary towards me beacuse as someome who is more focused on 3 subjects i've gotta hope that my English, Drama and computer science that at least one of them is above 5 or 6 or 7
  9. As a maidstone united fan i really wished the season had carried on
  10. Xanderp009

    3 Word Story

    loudly, surely they
  11. I fon't know if there is another one
  12. My outlook which i may do monthly now considering i only have the first few weeks to go off 1 to 8 Showers towards the end of the week but remaining mostly dry and a warm temerature getting above 18 oc at times 9 to 16 Showers increase with further heavy rain but still around average temperature and just below average rainfall 17 to 24 atlantic pressure systems push some rain across se and ea after having done most of the rainfall over the rest of england temperature slowly decreasing 25 to 30 the atlantic systems carry on with large amounts of rainfall with low temperatues for most of the 5 days
  13. does anyone know a forum with constant chat

    1. matt111


      A chatroom? There used to be one on here but not enough people used it so it was removed. 

  14. People who instantly think everything's a teenagers fault as a teenager myself it is annoying that when i was 12 when teachers say you should do your work indepantly and then don't leave you alone and even though your doing well and get to 90% correct teach you the same stuff each year and you thrn doubt everything and do worse, also people bragging i don't mind but when they're bragging about something that is not the truth
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