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  1. We do live in the same Universe right, or have you traveled over from another one.
  2. We all know that the best thing to have is A Barbaque at Christmas, at least you get rain that way, close enough to Snow.
  3. Any tips on expanding ideas on books because I never seem to write much because I want to get to the exciting part.

  4. literally the post after was about snow but anyway This is why nobody is posting them anymore, that heat is unbearable for Winter.
  5. No Complaints anymore everything's lining up and we've still got about 4 months until the Snow season falls away, An Easternly and Westernly ridge is setting up camp, slowly coming towards us, I would say that we're in for an overlapping cold spell, the South East will get it early and don't worry anybody in the West you're get the best of it later on in The Year and the rest of you, you'll get the bBulk of your Snow From Scotland.
  6. We've got the low pressure. In Pockets Temperature backing it up. We've Got SNOW!
  7. I've heard of many an Easternly ridge, we're caught in a Westernly one, Deep Purples all over, A big Cold Snap.
  8. Skew-t interesting, Temperature on there seems Normal for this time of year but a high Dewpoint compared to the rest. Not much else though nothing Christmassy. Maybe Christmassy. Probably not but a few showing an Easternly ridge spanning over the North Sea, very close to us and 2018 may not have been the biggest snowy years but we may have another one of those.
  9. The height of the 0c Isotherm is showing Signs showing of a big Easternly ridge, any sign of it coming West and i'm partying. I'm Partying!!
  10. Was a dive before the foul shouldn't have been a foul
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