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  1. Something I found about only this morning is that China has been building 're-education' camps in the western region of Xinjiang. About a million ethnic Uighurs - a majority Muslim, Turkic ethnic group - have been detained, removed from their homes and sent to these camps. These people are then stripped of their belongings, their clothes and sometimes are having their hair cut short. They are then made to memorise passages that praise Xi Jinping and the communist government. They spend hours a day doing this. And that's all I can write as the rest of it would deny me the right to Post here please don't deny me the right to Post here if its too bad, I've read through all of it and taken away all of the extremely bad parts that would not be suitable but the rest of it is taught about WW2 in Primary Schools and hopefully this isn't too Political. 

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    2. lassie23


      We have beds and wardrobes dumped in the alleyway here, along with booze cans and needles 

    3. Frost HoIIow

      Frost HoIIow

      Doesn't surprise me lassie I see these things all the time up here in Oldham. Not sure what the solution is but has to be a long the lines of harsher punishments to those caught as it's getting worse.

    4. Eagle Eye

      Eagle Eye

      Crikey didn't know it was that bad here, makes me continue to consider moving to Norway when I'm older. 

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