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  1. Behave lol. I said "COMPARED"!!!! The economic fallout from this virus is VERY much more than just the financial markets, it will effect literally every single person, but you're free to believe whatever you want.
  2. Yeh, the markets are nothing, and affects a tiny percentage compared to the overall economic affect on nearly every single person.
  3. Yeh I agree. I was told off for dismissing his credentials earlier in the thread, but calling all this years ago is just the stopped clock theory. There's nothing we could of done to prevent all this, its just something we have to deal with hear and now. I could tell everyone we'll have a 1963 snow event sometime in the next 100yrs, and I'd probably be right, but does that mean I can predict the future lol?
  4. Yeh I fully agree with this. Its something a lot of people forget when they slate how under resourced the NHS is, and yet if we were to charge non nationals, there'd be uproar. I'm sure I read an article recently about that might change in the future, but as you say, not for this thread!
  5. He's optimistic about eradicating the virus, because it will come back, unless countries shut their borders for a year or two. However he is right about the financial side of things. Markets have been on borrowed time for a while now, so a market crash was inevitable, this has just brought it forward.
  6. I doubt the cash machine will be empty, but even if it is, surely you could get cash back from one of the shops, especially as its only £40?
  7. Can you not pay by card rather than get cash out?
  8. Yeh. Its more likely they are just relocating them to a more suitable location for some sort of logistical reason or something (if they arent on a normal route). Even if they did deploy tanks, I cant see what use they would be lol.............although if anything good can come out of all this, then I wanna see a tank rolling down my street (and not on a truck)!!
  9. To be fair, as usual, that is doing the rounds on Twitter, BUT it doesnt mean anything. Tanks are transported all the time, its just people are more alert to it now, same with any military vehicle.
  10. HAHA, I know what you mean. I'm a fairly cheery happy person. Going on eurostar for example, I stop at the UK checkpoint leaving, cheery hello, cheers mate, all that usual stuff, and I get the expected reply from the UK guy of "thanks, have a good day etc etc", all with a smile. Leaving France at the French passport control (and bare in mind we're leaving, so they should be happy), I'm saying the usual cheery hello, and I get the most miserable person you could imagine, who instantly assumes everyone is a terrorist, and just says "passport", not even a thank you or good bye lol. I know I'm bei
  11. A mate of mine who's a wholesale meat supplier reckons there's a chicken shortage (or will be) due to a lot of it being imported. Why chicken I dont know, because we import lots of food, but whatever the reason, he says chicken is currently short (for him anyway, may not be the case everywhere) I cant stand all the panic buying, so only just done our weekly shop tonight. Same reports from me really. Most stuff still just about in stock, except beans, soup, bread, pasta, and bleach lol. As you say, it'll all be back in stock eventually. Sadly it shows just how many dumb sheep there are out
  12. More and more good news, so fingers crossed. Although I did note they said around 100 critically ill in 10 hospitals will get it. Doesnt say if all those have COVID, and doesnt say that is the total, but you can probably take a guess that there's at least 100 critical.
  13. School closure wise, as far as I understand it, schools were told to get ready for this Friday a week or so ago, but it wasnt a definite date. Seeing as the rough plan was always Friday a week or so ago, and this is almost the exact point when schools would have to close anyway due to staffing etc, then you could say their "modelling" was bang on. Could just be a fluke though.
  14. Not to downplay any of this, but really? Isnt that a little bit strong, even if the death rate was 20%, thats still a strong statement.......unless they know something we dont (unlikely)
  15. Now this I agree with. Yes, obviously the government have some affect, and they still have measures yet to be implemented that will help, but it annoys me that people instinctively blame the government for absolutely everything. There's only so much they can do.
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