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  1. It wasn’t that one. I would have been less than a year old.
  2. Fraudulent snow in north Leitrim. So light it’s barely making the ground wet.
  3. For what it’s worth, I *think* the forecast was on London Tonight, which would have made it a weekday evening.
  4. You know what, I think it may well have been Feb 21/22 1994. As you say the memory does play tricks, but I’m certain the forecaster the next day said the system had instead dived into France. I remember the newsreader questioning him about it. I would have been 9 so that would account for the poor recollection. Thanks for such an in-depth answer.
  5. Last night was weird. We had hail shower after hail shower in Leitrim - an inch of hail on the ground this morning. I’ve seen more hail and thunderhail this week than in the rest of my life! Bizarre, but fun!
  6. Few pics from north Leitrim earlier between Dromahair and Manorhamilton. You get some impression of the difference elevation made.
  7. Proper wintry day in north Leitrim. Sleet, snow, an almighty hail shower accompanied by a boom of thunder that almost sent my cat through the ceiling. All a bit messy, however, and only brief accumulations. Hoping for slightly better from about 6pm up until midnight when the showers become fewer.
  8. Maybe that was it. The timing certainly sounds about right.
  9. Hi guys, I’m trying to pin down a really vague memory from the early 90s - I’d guess maybe 1993 or 94 - of a failed snow event where the tv forecasts got it totally wrong. I remember seeing the ITN weather one evening and them forecasting snow for London from a system going through the channel. I went to bed excited and woke up to - nothing. Not a flake. I remember the next day the forecasters explaining the system had gone further south than anticipated, into France. Can anyone shed some light on this? Are there any forecasts etc?
  10. Had about an inch of snow in north Leitrim last night, all falling in the space of an hour. All melted now but I got in my 2am walk! Does anyone else just become a big kid when it snows? I’m 35 but had my nose glued to the window!
  11. Very heavy snow in north Leitrim, about 1/2 an inch on the ground. Expecting this to turn to rain by about 3am, sadly.
  12. Sleety rain here in north Leitrim. Getting more sleety as I type. Even if it does turn to snow I can’t see it amounting to much.
  13. Could someone with better knowledge than me confirm whether these are mammatus?
  14. Some wild weather in Leitrim today. Huge hail squalls and enormous cloudscapes. Pictures don’t really do it justice.
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