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  1. Yes, i think this winter has seen the sort of thing that we have had over the last 30 years racheted up.
  2. Was talking to a friend and having a general moan about things and he said 'well at least it hasn't been a bad winter'. I said 'no, it's been ****ing s***'
  3. Nearer the time this often gets pushed further North though.
  4. I used to think that when we had these sorts of winters in the late eighties, but the next year often proved to be the same. We will probably see this sort of pattern set in by the end of November and one of the experts will say 'this was always going to be a backloaded winter'.....
  5. Incredible figures MB, is GP still expecting a cold February ?
  6. Yes, the model that shows milder often wins the day, not that what was promised by even the best model for cold was anything to shout about anyway.
  7. Well victory for the GFS despite what a lot of people were saying yesterday, and moreover, the outlook is just as bad as it's been for the whole winter.
  8. Dreadful stuff this morning, we can't even get a toppler and with bad news from the Strat and the METO continuing with the mild Feb theme, it looks time to draw stumps on this shocker of a winter. Has there been any update from GP ?
  9. Yes and the significant thing is that the METO are going for the Atlantic taking back to control so even if a mid lat High comes again, a sinker looks very likely and that's more time wasted.
  10. Well the best charts of the winter so far at around day 9, although that is of course not saying much and we know that Azores Lows often don't materialise and HP often ends up further South.
  11. I think you are dreaming on the evidence we are seeing this morning. Ongoing dreadful output.
  12. Yes dreadful stuff and indicators suggest that we will see Northern blocking in May and June again.
  13. More dreadful output for winter fans, and the teleconnections are not supportive of any change. I think it was Glacier Point who suggested a change in early Feb, but I would think that is off the table now.
  14. Yes, plenty run it close over the last 30 years but if the model projections are correct and this rumbles on through Feb as all indicators suggest, then it will be the worst ever.
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