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  1. hello all Christmas period charts now coming into range but IMO anything over 144hr must be taken with a large pinch of salt! there is a general trend though pointing towards colder conditions but how cold is yet to be seen. surprised that the BBC have indicated possibility of colder end to December and even the Met Office 30 day update signally potentially very cold nights.(their words not mine) . I'm not a fan of weather Apps but the latest BBC weather App does show a sleet shower on 23rd December and 6c here in North Oxfordshire. all I can see is that its a lot more interesting than t
  2. Fax chart now showing 1050mb at 120hr yesterday, Monster high, any increases on that number I wonder, can't wait for today's fax. and here's Alex with one of the scenarios on where that high pressure may or may not go
  3. Thats some high moving in overr the next few days at around 1047mb would take some shifting.
  4. Latest fax chart for Monday shows a bit more movement in the Atlantic heading our way, let's hope this is a kick start to something more colder down the line?
  5. With these mild temperatures, I'm tempted to get the washing line out of the shed already, Only put it away at the end of October ?
  6. Today's 120 fax chart has the low I mentioned yesterday over the channel has now disappeared! And pressure is a lot higher! Just shows the change in just 24hrs. Top chart is today's 120hr and bottom is yesterday's 120hr....What a difference a day makes?
  7. 120 fax chart brings a low in the south west to run into the channel, albeit a weakening affair, more mild weather for a few days yet although it did feel a little chiller today than it has been.
  8. Hi everyone, Newbie to NetWeather and this my 1st post, so please be gentle with me? More mild weather to come in the next few days, last frost (Well if you can call it that) was Christmas day early evening, previous to that probably 1 or 2 that I recall so far this winter, so the salt mountains for the gritters are pretty well stocked up. Fax charts are my fav as they tend not to disappoint whilst looking ahead. Bye for now?
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