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  1. January 2020 will do for Januaries what December 2015 did for December...... a record breaking 8.1.C! A rather pitiful attempt at colder weather early on will give way to roughly what we have now, High to the East and Low to the West producing a feed of very mild air for much of the month, expect almost double digit night time temperatures and outrageous day time temperatures in the mid teens, which will Jack up by the 20th to give a 20.C on Jan 20 in 2020 (albeit not in the CET area, this will be a Fohn special in Aberdeen.) At one point the month will look to be on course to hit 9.C but the High will become more Siberian positioned late month and we will see a record breaking swing to a February CET below zero....... Will be dry in the South but wet up North so below Ave rainfall and above Ave sun
  2. 5.3.C and 135mm. Broadly Atlantic and relatively mild but with a brief but vicious cold snap around the 17th to 20th with a front slamming in to the cold air producing several inches of snow into 21st but transient.
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