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    Weather - fascinated by all types of weather especially the extremes. My ambition is to go tornado chasing in the USA. Oh and I would absolutely love to go sledging in my local area some time this century!<br /><br />General Knowledge and facts.<br />Ten Pin Bowling.<br />Love watching all sports.<br />Films.<br />Designer Labels.<br />Travelling.<br />Food and Drink - love all things hot and spicy along with gourmet food. Love the taste of real ale and enjoy beer festivals.

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  1. The 7 day forecast looks a bit out of kilter at the moment. It shows sunny at 0100 in the morning.
  2. Just watched the radar loop. Talk about skirt round Andover!
  3. That'll be Newbury out of the no storms club. Some pretty intense rain and hail for a time. Looks like we're at the start of the train. Hoping for some more back-building. Another rumble as I type ?
  4. F5 key is getting a workout at the moment. I'm glued to my velux windows watching the red kites and lovely cloud formations.
  5. Definitely a day for radar watching and now-casting. I have that feeling that we may be a touch too far south and are likely to be in the breeding ground for those further north. I'm hoping that by me actually posting, that this will be a double bluff ?
  6. If it all goes bust here we should fire up some webcams over eastern europe! Or fire up one of the many lightning sites and watch with envy ?
  7. Andy - I've been thinking the same thing. I went out for a lovely 10 miler yesterday. Unexpectedly wet to start, then glorious for a while and it did me so much good for my mental well-being. Social distancing was awkward at times, but understood with a few body language signals. My parents are both recovering from cancer and live in Weymouth in their 70s. The outlaws are over 70 too in Marlow. For my parents we've already talked about them getting out early in the day for a stroll on a deserted beach. How important the period is from leaving the house and getting back in, stripping of clothes etc. For the outlaws the chat we had today was similar about getting quickly in and out of the house and up to the Chilterns. Plenty of Social Distancing and no stopping at pubs. There is absolutely no way of policing this. It will 100% do more good than harm in curing cabin fever. Take whatever precautions you see fit. Stop, walk slowly, move left, move right, go backwards, vaseline your nose... whatever you do smile and enjoy some vitamin D and be safe.
  8. https://metro.co.uk/2020/03/14/british-scientists-brink-finding-coronavirus-vaccine-12396552/?ito=article.mweb.share.top.whatsapp
  9. Thanks Tilly. We've been saving for 4 years to go and the kids have been so excited about this. My wife has told me not to go on the Internet as she's in denial.
  10. Thanks for sharing Tilly. I'm meant to be going to Disney World on the 21st March for 2 weeks with my wife and daughters. As you can imagine I'm thrilled about the travel ban excluding the UK. I'm hoping that our government see's sense and does the same thing.
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