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    Weather - fascinated by all types of weather especially the extremes. My ambition is to go tornado chasing in the USA. Oh and I would absolutely love to go sledging in my local area some time this century!<br /><br />General Knowledge and facts.<br />Ten Pin Bowling.<br />Love watching all sports.<br />Films.<br />Designer Labels.<br />Travelling.<br />Food and Drink - love all things hot and spicy along with gourmet food. Love the taste of real ale and enjoy beer festivals.

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  1. 25.3 locally with 19 dew point, feels like 32. hoovering in my pants!
  2. My parents are in Vire and it has started expanding westwards. Lots of flashes and gunshot thunder
  3. Hi team - I've noticed the Rain totals from the Netweather Extra Lite forecasts aren't working at the moment. Showing some really high totals on there at the moment.
  4. Looking good Paul. Shame it's so dry!
  5. I'm down the road from you in Newbury and have a sneaky suspicion of back edge snow overnight. Not long to wait and find out. Also liking the look of those convective charts posted by Knocker and the high res model predictions of shower activity tomorrow.
  6. Woah horsey! Just checked the 10 day forecast that defaults for London .. 113mm in 3 hours
  7. Staying at my parents in Weymouth. Off out for dinner in a bit then ready for (hopefully) a decent show out over Portland later on x
  8. I wonder if the French are tracking our storms and anticipating the affect of the English Channel!
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