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  1. What an amazing view of Paulette from the Sat images. Very defining eye there!
  2. 19c here, popped my head out the window and have never been happier to be able to breath fresh air.
  3. Certainly not showing signs of dieing yet. More like reinvigorating inland.
  4. So worth the wait, been so long since i saw storms like this
  5. Flash after flash of lightning here in brum intense storm.
  6. Jeeeez its really going off above me now, streams still running.
  7. Ive noticed on the sat that the London lot of cells is now back building cloud as the MCS gets closer. Really interesting.
  8. Things are starting to get interesting on the stream! https://www.twitch.tv/calayte Will more than likely keep this going all night, or until the risk drops.
  9. Hey everyone, just started an all night stream here just to the West of Birmingham pointing West if anyone in the SE wants in on the action! twitch.tv/calayte
  10. Some massive towers going up around me in every direction at the moment. Looks incredible.
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