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  1. Yeah it did sound weird, maybe it was because of the distance, or maybe the terrain having an impact. I was impressed by the structure of the cell though-makes me wonder how much stronger it could have been with the right ingredients
  2. I'm gutted I'm stuck here, sounds like I'm missing the best of the cell. Again lol
  3. I thought there was too-even though it skirted around my area, there was definite rotation and the base was lowering (could just about make it out from my viewpoint) and it was swirling all over the place directly above me, and on top of that the lightning seemed to be getting more frequent. There was very little rain though, but there was a marked increase in wind speed and a sudden jump in temperature.
  4. The cell passing me now looks severe and it showing obvious signs of rotation-may be worth keeping an eye on
  5. I've just looked out my window and it suddenly looks very stormy-one or two lightning strikes around the Blaydon area and Newcastle Airport vicinity
  6. Been raining steadily here with some heavy bursts, and I've also spotted some anvils towards the coastal area and also to the north, no thundery activity yet though. Wonder if anything will happen later today
  7. Just observed first flash of lightning of the evening-appeared to come from direction of the coastal area, and lightning strikes showing for Blaydon area Edit-Activity seems to be picking up in Northumberland around the Alnwick area
  8. Heads up for anyone travelling to Newcastle via Ponteland Road through Cowgate and surrounding area-just had an absolute torrential downpour, so there's a LOT of surface water on the road right now so driving is very tricky. Be careful
  9. Yeah sorry forgot to post the link North Yorkshire wall cloud footage
  10. Just seen some great footage of classic wall cloud over Northern Yorkshire with some great rotation of the cell on Twitter-I'm clearly living in the wrong area when it comes to the more interesting aspects of stormy weather lol
  11. Certainly no shortage of rain here at the moment. Although I'm not expecting anything thundery it would be nice
  12. Well i just woke from a nap to hear rumbles of thunder here in Newcastle-great timing
  13. Well sadly, looking out my bedroom window towards Newcastle City Centre and the blue sky has returned which clumps of cloud lingering around. Cell that was to the west of us is now moving north east through Northumberland towards the Alnwick area
  14. Some lightning strikes being picked up just west of Consett in Co Durham, and the cell to the west of Newcastle is agnonisinly close-I'll be gutted if nothing comes of it. Still very dark outside
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