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  1. Thought there would have been a sneaky flash or 2 of lightning out of this drive by shower here in Ayrshire but no such luck. Just a lashing of rain for about 10 minutes
  2. Was rubbing my hands as this chap started building only for it to fall apart 15 minutes later spitting out a short burst of moderate rain
  3. A 2nd cell tried to fire up behind it but nothing came of it except rain
  4. Yet again here in southeast Ayrshire misses out on the action. This cell to the south was close enough to hear a good few rumbles and saw a couple of cg's but it was about 10 miles away over Galloway
  5. View looking south from Ayrshire. Looks like the atmosphere is loading up. Hopefully il get a good show this time after tuesday nights/wednesday mornings no show
  6. Nothing here in southeast Ayrshire last night. Not even a splash of rain. Were a couple of flashes way in the distance to the south and east around 3am. I think the only storms i am going to hear and see is when im on my daily video call to my friend in Houston Texas lol. They get some real monsters on an almost daily basis at this time of year.
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