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  1. Thank you, can't really see us getting anything today was just hoping!! Normally when we are going to get a storm the wind drops, the birds stop flying, the cows in the fields lay down and everything goes very still and quiet. Not very technical i know, and I can hear some of you chuckling, but it's true. Rain stopped now and sky brightening, still very warm.
  2. That's what our skies looked like earlier, then it would darken and rain. Now grey all around, no blue and raining, the wind picking up slightly too. Have just seen local weather forecast and they have us still in the yellow warning area for thunder and lightning, do any of you see that happening? I am new to all of this.
  3. I spotted that too, I'm no expert but it looks as though it will miss me and make it's way up to you in Wales.
  4. Lucky you in Padstow, please send that rain up to me, ha ha. We might be lucky with some lightning, if not today perhaps tomorrow.
  5. Big dark clouds here, but no rain, they are moving quite fast. Really need rain, spent this afternoon trying to put in extra stakes to help hold up my runner beans and couldn't get them in even with a club hammer!! The ground is so dry as have hardly any rain here in the village for ages. Do you think I will get any tonight where I am, they forecast strong winds and it was quite windy earlier but that has now dropped. Looking on the maps it seems as though the lightning is going to go up the Bristol Channel and miss me.
  6. Thank you everyone for the explanation. Am bit of a "dippy" female oap! Ha Ha.
  7. Sun and cloud here very hot, would love a storm today with lots of rain, veggie garden needs it. Tuesday's storm was great but hardly any rain. Don't think we are in the firing line today. I am new to this could someone explain to me what a cap is without being to technical please.
  8. One clap of thunder here, am near Axminster Devon, no rain,but the sky is alight!
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