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  1. Looking at my footage of todays storm, managed to snap a faint image of lightning. Need to look closely at the top of the pic though😆
  2. Well, having winged for most of the summer that all storms seem to miss us here in north Dorset / south Somerset, we've had 2 pretty epic storms, one yesterday and today. Both times for about an hour with plenty of cg lightning, shot gun thunder and rain of biblical proportions and flash flooding. Weird part is, it's been fairly chilly.
  3. Been a surprisingly pleasant but altogether cooler affair down here near Sherborne so quite surprised to see this developing to our east! Doubt it'll come our way though 🤣
  4. Is the lightningmaps website not working? Just seems odd that every storm over Europe and the uk has stopped at the same time 🤔
  5. Well at last I've joined! A short but quite intense storm has just passed over Sherborne. Probably about 40mins. Torrential rain and flash flooding....
  6. Slightly jealous of everyone getting all these amazing storms. Storms seem to be passing to my East and there is nothing South or West of us so game over here in Sherborne I reckon...
  7. Starting to build to our East. Probably Shaftesbury area. Doubt it'll head our way though.
  8. I'm right on the southern edge of the red area. Guess I should be careful what I wish for 😆. Fingers crossed!
  9. Actually very unusual that one. Constant wall to wall lightning for just 30ish minutes. All in the clouds and a constant low rumble bit like a distant jet passing over. No rain though.
  10. I seem to remember years ago that storms fairly regularly used to make their way up from the continent over Dorset and Somerset. Never seems to happen now. Always East, West, or North of us. Seem to have a storm shield. Fingers crossed that something gets through later....
  11. Never fails to amaze me. Someone I work with recorded 35c today. Storm warnings all week yet so far not a cloud in the sky, something was building about an hour ago but just dispersed. Nothing down here tonight methinks!
  12. Looks like the start of an anvil cloud forming east of me towards Shaftesbury. Unbelievably clammy too.
  13. All I can say, if we dont get a good thunderstorm after enduring this blistering heat down here in Sherborne then there is no justice!!
  14. Can't believe the storm North of Bude is still going on. Must be 3hrs now. Strange how it is just sitting in that one place....
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