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  1. bill monty


    Thank you dangerous 55019
  2. bill monty


    I see you get little notifications if quoted ,no sorry it's MONTY short for Montgomery ,ex military yes but no relation to the famous field marshal.
  3. Thank you Cheshire snow ,don't think the temperature was that high but it was very pleasant
  4. Hi there I believe this is my regional thread as I'm in Chorlton manchester ,been up to the lake district today for my first visit in 18 years , absolutely stunning , how I've missed the UK,looking forward to getting to know a few people on my regional thread and in other areas ,thanks Bill
  5. bill monty


    Hi there ,just thought I'd say hello my name's William ,aka Bill I'm 54 and i recently moved back from Thailand where I was a security advisor for a large multinational company ,reason elderly relatives looking forward to a cold winter my first in nearly 20 years
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