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  1. Hi all, Unusual request. Got an A level geography coursework project and ive decided to do it on flood risk over time. Anyone know good websites / charts showing flood risk (partically in southern england) say from 30 years ago even longer ago would be better? I know its a big ask, but if not is there any alternatives i could use to basically prove my hypothesis that the amount of floods are increasing over time. Cheers. Regards, Ollie.
  2. Well thats it then. -20c 850s over us for 3 months starting in december
  3. Does the MJO always move through its phases 1-8 ,numerically, in order, or could it go into phase 1, then into 8, back to 7, 6, 5, then switch again back to 6,7 etc? If you know what i mean
  4. I wonder how manys days in feb have reached 16/17c over the past 30 years. The only time i remember it being warm was feb 19 but im young so i can't remember alot before that.
  5. Huge shame about the models not taking into account ground temperatures/ latent heat. I wonder if any models will do in the future/ is there a method of predicting how long it takes to cool a material such as concreate to 0 degrees. So many factors would be needed to go into it - very complicated I’d presume. Just enough snow at box hill for sledge fun and good crispy days. The upper level warm front - unpredicted lead to a suppression of beefy showers (I think someone said that) for Monday/ Tuesday. Alright event 4/10. Would love a couple more Frontal snow events as they do deliver more widespread unlike an easterly -despite Kent normally being in the warm sector most of us in the West did far better.
  6. Me and you are not that far away but i reckon if it does set up you could have alot more
  7. Hi how do you see theres no deep convection is it due to wind speed ?
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