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  1. I beg, i would take 2018 every year so nice and sunny
  2. whats causing this decoupling with the troposheric and stratospheric polar vortex? How come the STO is record strength and there is so much troposheric blocking? Ollie
  3. Hi I'm going to be camping in Kinross. Wondered how chilly it will be? Heard there could be rain ? GFS showed some snow! Thanks, Ollie
  4. Thanks guys, this helped me understand!
  5. Hi could someone help me understand how a high pressure in eastern Russia can bring cold air all the way to the UK? Thanks, Ollie.
  6. Thanks ? I've been looking for a detailed article about the polar vortex, didn't know there was two! ? Ollie.
  7. Hi in an SSW the usual west-east winds are reversed in the polar vortex to east-west, can I know why, please? Thank you.
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