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  1. Just to echo Rob's comments. Thanks all again for another great season. 😀
  2. Uh oh, a fellow Villa fan. You know, I think I preferred it when not all games were televised... I knew I would come to regret my bold claims that dawn would put on a good show. All the signs were there. Anecdotal, though it would seem so far this season a good evening showing would always be followed by an even better morning showing... except for this time. Still much to learn.
  3. Really good showing in London and blessed with clear skies. Unfortunately I am in the office early tomorrow so couldn’t stick around too long but a good show whilst it lasted, much better than my last one. I get the feeling sunrise may be very epic if people get lucky with weather.
  4. Looks as though sunset is a dud. Can't see anything on any webcams and not a single confirmed sighting on the Facebook group. Up to the sunrise gang to deliver the goods now! Dawn does appear to have been better than dusk on average (not that I would know, I am not commited enough, I am just going by what others have posted!), I wonder if there is something to it. ?
  5. I wouldn't be too dismayed. The AIM charts are not the be all and end all. They are often unreliable. As has been mentioned in this thread, reports from boots on the ground from the NLC Facebook group is generally the best predictor.?
  6. One of those rare instances where I am hoping the AIM chart is wrong. Doesn't look great for the clear nights we have scheduled over next few days!
  7. Aha, add me to the list of those that spotted that Western NLC! I too dismissed it as not being a NLC at the time, it was quite faint and hard to make out from my perspective. The shape I witnessed matches the pictures people have posted though so I am now confident we were probably looking at the same thing.
  8. Huzzah! Finally. Not the greatest pics by any means but at least now I can say that I have seen them! I ran like a madman to my nearest vantage point when I saw the reports coming in. I have next week off work so hopefully I get further opportunities without worrying about being up late. Need to be careful hanging around London parks though, only so long you can hang around there without being asked what you are selling ?.
  9. Looked like there was definitely something showing on the London webcams. Couldn't see anything when I stepped outside though in the brief window I had before the clouds took over.
  10. I rushed outside after reports in Southern UK of NLC. No joy though. Potentially there is something in the below image (apologies poor quality) but I suspect it is just any remaining sunlight peeking through the breaks in the cloud.
  11. Several reports on the NLC Facebook group of sightings last night across Europe, including the UK. Promising early signs. ?
  12. I have been waiting for this since... well, last year. ? Trying to get in on the action early this year to try and increase my odds. I saw that the Southern Hemisphere had a positive season, https://spaceweatherarchive.com/2019/12/04/a-planetary-wave-is-supercharging-noctilucent-clouds/. Here is hoping that the good news continues. ?
  13. Great photos! ? It is my understanding that NLC's can still be visible in the UK until late Summer, albeit with much less probability. There is a comment some pages back in this thread by Weather-History seeing them in September in a previous year! The daily daisy charts also suggest there are some NLC's still out there but looking rather sparse now. As to if the images are instances of NLC's, I really am not qualified in any way to answer that! From snippets of information I have been picking up in the last few weeks, there is quite a lot of "stuff" in the upper atmosphere at the moment
  14. They're baaaaaack! (the daisy's that is) Ok, so probably not as much use to us now but it is good to know that the satellite didn't have to be put down. ?
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