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  1. Very gusty winds now in Leeds noticed Leeds Bradford Airport had a gust of 55mph. Some reports of trees down in and around Leeds. Best time to hit I guess.
  2. Hurricane Ophelia

    Winds have really picked up here in Leeds.
  3. Hurricane Ophelia

    Not even got a mention on the bbc 10pm news yet. #fakenews wink
  4. Hurricane Ophelia

    Here's the latest track forecast for #HurricaneOphelia as it slowly tracks towards the UK, forecast to bring strong winds to areas. #Ophelia https://t.co/HoeehHRHow
  5. Hurricane Ophelia

    Hurricane #Ophelia is now at category 2 with peak winds of near 100 mph. Still moving very slowly south-west of the Azores. https://t.co/4gJGdE0nc6
  6. Earthquake Activity Thread

    BREAKING: 5.8 magnitude earthquake strikes N. California – USGS https://t.co/bcY2BdX5NF https://t.co/RDbDxQigka
  7. Earthquake Activity Thread

    Are we getting the warning signs that the dreaded big big one is going to happen on the ring of fire. Yesterdays earth quakes on the Pacific Plate or Ring of Fire are 12 total! Most are in the pacific islands.
  8. Earthquake Activity Thread

    : 5.7 magnitude earthquake strikes Indonesia - USGS
  9. Earthquake Activity Thread

    5.1 earthquake in Iran and Japan, 6.1 earthquake in New Zealand, 7.1 earthquake in Mexico. All these happened today....
  10. Earthquake Activity Thread

    What's going on
  11. Earthquake Activity Thread

    The power of nature shown in this video 7.1 earthquake footage from tourist attraction Xochimilco in Mexico City https://t.co/MeO27fEFsx
  12. Hurricane Maria

    Logged on this morning talk of a cat 2 possible cat 3. Logged on tonight talk of cat 5. Those poor people.
  13. After brief lull with no potential areas for Atl. TC development in next 5 days, NHC is now monitoring two potential areas for TC formation. https://t.co/FRvMirbZ1s
  14. Earthquake Activity Thread

    Scary stuff glad you was safe.
  15. Least it might get on the news now? Been further south....