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  1. Love Snow

    Hurricane Florence

    Far from over yet the Storm Surge from this will be sadly the news headline like predicted a few days ago from the Nhc.
  2. Love Snow

    Hurricane Florence

  3. Love Snow

    Hurricane Florence

  4. Love Snow

    Hurricane Florence

  5. What an horrible day how last week seems so long ago already.
  6. So depressing this weather not seen the sun since Sunday.
  7. Another very wet day in Leeds be interesting to see how much rains fallen when I get home from work. Surprised at the lack of warning.
  8. Heared the loudest clap of thunder in my life earlier in Leeds city centre (yes ive been to florida aswell )everyone was saying what the chuff was that.
  9. 46.4mm of rain so far this month.
  10. Recorded 37.1mm of rain on Easter Monday. Been very wet in west Yorkshire since the turn of spring.
  11. Sadly not at home for this event but met have updated forecast too snow all morning now.
  12. Minus 5.2 windchill and a temp of minus 2.3c amazing for the middle of March. Snow lightly falling in the wind hard to say how much because of the drifts.
  13. Coming down heavy here amazing for March
  14. Crazy outside some snow drifts now with the wind and powder snow.lots of car stuck on main roads.