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  1. Yup feeling the cold today 3.c now very dark with sleety showers winter is coming!
  2. Very wet day so far over 40mm of rain
  3. Love Snow

    Hurricane Michael

    Hope everyone left
  4. Love Snow

    Hurricane Michael

    For all those worried about Jeff
  5. Love Snow

    Hurricane Michael

    Madness indeed but who even reads the bbc these days.
  6. Love Snow

    Hurricane Michael

  7. Love Snow

    Hurricane Michael

    Just been watching myself
  8. Love Snow

    Hurricane Michael

    Jeff piotrowski on is video feed just said a strong Cat 4 160 mile per Hr wind. Boarder line cat 5 on landfall!
  9. Love Snow

    Hurricane Leslie

  10. Luckily it was a dry summer with all the rain this month ! Had over 68.8mm here in Leeds
  11. 26mm here so far all seems a bit quieter for now
  12. Some very heavy rain in Leeds for the past few hours 16.8mm so far today...
  13. Love Snow

    Hurricane Florence

    Far from over yet the Storm Surge from this will be sadly the news headline like predicted a few days ago from the Nhc.
  14. Love Snow

    Hurricane Florence

  15. Love Snow

    Hurricane Florence