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  1. Light snow Early doors here was good to see but sums up a poor Winter for Yorkshire.
  2. Dropped to 2.5c here with heavy sleet showers passing over.
  3. Working in Halifax today the wind as picked up alot in the last half hour.
  4. Im sure the weather forecasters on tv dont know how to Mention Yorkshire.
  5. Tens of thousands of people are being evacuated from near America's tallest dam, with officials saying a "hazardous situation is developing" and that part of the structure could fail. Water has started flowing over the sides of an emergency spillway at the 230m-high (770ft) Lake Oroville Dam in northern California, about 80 miles north of Sacramento. The spillway - used to alleviate pressure on the dam - is severely corroded and could fail imminently and unleash flood waters, according to Butte County Sheriff's Office.
  6. Loads of snow in Morley
  7. Some crazy charts around in the mod thread I've never seen so many ups and downs something is brewing let's hope it's the cold for once.
  8. Nice little dusting here on the cars and grass.
  9. Very Light snow falling great to see hoping for a good spell of Snow Saturday.
  10. Just started here....
  11. The Irish Sea is fired up you never know for West Yorkshire we might get lucky
  12. Heavy sleet in Leeds city centre
  13. I think with any cold spell surprises can pop up all the time. We could have two foot of snow and the southerners wouldn't acknowledge it like the March 2013 cold spell.
  14. Few showers with a wintry feel In Leeds this afternoon ceertainly a drop in Temperature.