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  1. Minus 5.2 windchill and a temp of minus 2.3c amazing for the middle of March. Snow lightly falling in the wind hard to say how much because of the drifts.
  2. Coming down heavy here amazing for March
  3. Crazy outside some snow drifts now with the wind and powder snow.lots of car stuck on main roads.
  4. Ain't half coming down now
  5. Nice dusting here now ĺĺ
  6. Only 12.30 give it time
  7. Still plenty of time temps will drop away later this afternoon.
  8. Wind chill -2.6c Temp 0.8c
  9. Heavy snow here covered everything.
  10. Temp around 3.4c here
  11. Suppose your right to be fair but latest update shows Yorkshire well in the firing line for this one.
  12. 5th time lucky for the orange met office warning for Leeds?
  13. Fingers crossed for more snow after Thursday morning last week I'm greedy and want more.
  14. Wish it was 29mm here !! Been a very wet month.