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  1. These events really reveal the power of propaganda. Americans are fooled by it in droves, Iranians as well. You got U.S. celebs groveling for mercy to Iranian leaders on Twitter. bizarre stuff.
  2. Iran did want bloodshed, they've been provoking countries for years Whether its killing US citizens or Destroying Saudi oil supply, or attacking British and French ships and taking the crews hostage! it was always going to hit a tipping point who ever was in the White House!
  3. Hopefully February and March will deliver the goods. Happy new year all wishing you all a happy healthy and snowy 2020.
  4. Hope this upcoming cold spell brings some clear and sunny days I’m fed up of getting wet.
  5. A very wet start to the day here had some Torrential Rain lots of surface water about.
  6. Yeah we got away with it Last Thursday afternoon we had a 4-5 hour slot of just patchy rain.
  7. 9.2mm so far this evening 81.6mm so far this November. whats everyone else’s totals so far this Month looking like?
  8. Horrible night here again in Leeds gusty winds and heavy rain lashing the windows not what’s needed around.
  9. 38.0mm in Leeds for me and it’s started to come down again. Crazy looking at what people have posted makes it look nothing here.
  10. After A brief break from the rain it’s all of a sudden turned heavy again be interesting to see what’s on my station when I get home.
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