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  1. I came here expecting some discussion about the models and all i see is people whinging. There wasn't any of this nonsense back in my days on Net-Weather. It's a model discussion thread, people should be discussing the models without any bias towards warm or cold in the model discussion threads - discuss facts and projections - not sure why there has to be a team hot and team cold competing when we should be simply 'reading' the charts and giving thoughts and insight.
  2. I remember that retro Net-Weather homepage well - I've been here (although inactive in discussions in recent years) for quite a while and you've definitely done a sterling job to get NW to where it's at today. I remember migrating here from the old BBC boards and loved every moment of being a member on here in the past. Edit: just noticed I've been a member for 10 years - bloody hell. I was probably around 15 when I was first on Netweather. Where has the time gone?!
  3. My first post here for a few years, but I'm curious as to what exactly the point was in typing that utter drivel? It's a model watching thread, FYI. Weather users posts are ramping cold weather or not, as long as the posts are informative and relatively realistic and factual in nature, what's the problem?
  4. Well, i didn't mean to generalise but as i said "all", i guess that's me generalising. What i should of said is i'm sure a number of these people, sorry that i put it across in the wrong way.
  5. Pretty sure all these people coming forward with stories, want a slice of the Saville estate.
  6. Hey mate i'm fine, how about you? I'm looking forward to lots and lots of snow.

  7. Yes I am still around, 7 years been using this place. And yes I remember you... How are things? Looking forward to snow?

  8. Yo SFM! I remember you from Snowatch...Them were the days!

  9. Hello Mr Tattum, remember me? If not, hope you're doing well anyway.

  10. You're still here? Crazy! Not sure if you remember me, but hello :)

  11. Hello hello. You probably don't remember me, but thought I'd drop a hello.

  12. Hola Paul. Just dropping by to say well done on keeping this place going all these years, you've done a rather good job. You may not remember me, but glad to see all is well.

  13. is back on Net-Weather... After how many years?!

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