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  1. Well, yesterday was the last hot and sunny day here, today has still been very warm but mostly cloudy, and the last two hours it has gone really dark, heard a couple of rumbles and saw a flash but that was it, no thunderstorm but peeing it down now. Even though I don't like the heat, I always feel a bit depressed around this time of year because the warm sunny days are rapidly running out, by October that's pretty much it up here, I'd be lucky to get a 17C sunny day in October, so by end of September that's usually it for another six months as the next warm and sunny weather is not usually until late March at the earliest round here. Of course, there are exceptions like Halloween 2014, 1st November 2015 and February 2019, but they are quite rare.
  2. Maybe I was being a bit critical. For our part of the world it's not been a bad summer. But probably still be considered a cool and cloudy summer by London standards. Anyway, it's not been as wet as it normally has, and temperatures have been warmer than average, and I think sunshine has been above average as well, even though it has been quite cloudy at times, there have been periods of a few days where I have not seen the sun. I think the summer weather is generally worse in this part of the region, as I'm closer to the Pennines, I think in general, the further south and west in our region you are, the better the weather is, and the further north and east and/or higher up you are, the worse it is. I have noticed I tend to get lower temperatures and less sunshine than other parts of the region further south and west. And looking at the met office stats I get more rainfall too - Rochdale for example not too far from here gets around 1100 mm a year and Stonyhurst gets a whopping 1300 mm! In contrast, Blackpool and Manchester only get around 850 mm, despite Manchester being known as the "Rainy city", on paper it is not that wet, at least in terms of annual rainfall, it does however get around 150 rainy days a year which is quite high, almost half in fact, I think this is down to a lot of overcast and drizzly days that Manchester gets a lot of. So because of the sheer number of damp days I think that is where Manchester gets it's wet reputation from. Plus heavy drizzle can get you just as wet as a downpour. That said, 245 mm and 62 days of rain for the summer does sound like a lot, considering there's only 92 days throughout the entire summer. So that's a whopping 2/3 days where it will rain at some point during the day or night. It's a pity really that summer is one of our wetter seasons, I always thought autumn and winter were the two wet seasons and spring and summer were the two drier ones. That's how it's tradionally supposed to be anyway. I think north west England summers and just too cloudy and damp for my liking. The temperatures are ideal though as I do not like heat. I prefer the climate of South West England, warm sunny summers (but not baking hot) and mild stormy winters. Next summer it will probably be low pressure all the way and loads of rain and temperatures below 20C.
  3. Good for the gardens though. Will probably be rain all the way for the next six months now though.
  4. Gone very dark and heard a couple of quiet rumbles and I'm sure I saw a flash in the distance, all gone quiet now though and trying to rain a bit but nothing much. Is this all I'm going to get?
  5. Wow I did not realise they were so far south. Guess I should've paid more attention when looking at the world map. Those Tokyo summers must be hell.
  6. Wow I did not realise the Japenese were so soft! I always thought Tokyo had a similar climate to us, what with Japan being an Island like us. Guess I was wrong. Guess I should never go to Japan if 20-22C is considered unusually cold lol. I am one of those people lol.
  7. I'm surprised to see so many people enjoying the summery weather. I would have expected more people to be wanting autumnal weather now we are officially in metrological autumn (though imo autumn doesn't begin until Sep 21st). But seems most people are still in summer mode. This forum has changed.
  8. It is here at 21.8C! Been lucky here up north this summer and had a lot of days like that this summer. Humid though at 78% making it feel warmer. Everything looks very tired at the moment (like me lol), the trees now at thier darkest shade of green. After a fairly decent summer up here I'm ready for proper autumn now.
  9. Very warm, sunny, clear blue skies and not a cloud to be seen. Currently 21.8C with 78% humidity, so well above average for the time of year here. Temp not baking hot but humidity making it feel hotter.Thankfully it's not as bad as a heatwave in July due to the lower sun angle and earlier nights.
  10. Strange that as it's been a cloudy evening here, but the sun did come out for a few hours during the afternoon. Despite the sunshine the max was only 15.4°C, but it still felt pleasant in the sun.
  11. Don't be get me wrong, it hasn't been a bad summer for our part of the world, but I say it's been mediocre/average because there's just been too many dull overcast days to get a higher grade. There was also an unsettled and dull period during the first half of July, and during many days in August. The temperatures have been pretty much perfect for me, but I would have liked to have seen more sunshine. Id describe 2012 as absolutely diabolical not mediocre. Mediocre means average or unremarkable, and summer 2012 was remembered for all the wrong reasons (I mostly remember the incessant dull overcast days and torrential downpours). I'd describe a summer like 2015 or 2011 as mediocre. As for thunderstorms it's been diabolical, haven't seen any here, maybe a couple of rumbles but that was it. We do so poorly for thunderstorms these days. Overall I'd say this has been a mainly front-loaded summer. Id rate the summer for: Temperatures (hi teens/lo 20's ideal): (9/10) Rainfall: (drier the better): 6/10 Sunshine: (sunnier the better) 5/10 Thunderstorms: 0/10 (Don't remember any) I'd rate the months as: June: 8/10 (almost perfect, plenty of sunny, usable days, a few cloudy and cool days) July: 6/10 (often either too hot or too wet) August: 4/10 (temps not too bad, but far too cloudy) My overall rating for the summer is therefore a 6/10. This is based on my preference for lots of dry, clear days between 17-23°C.
  12. Passable day in early September. The morning was cool and cloudy. The sun came out during the afternoon. Then the evening was cloudy again. Despite the sunshine the max temperature was only 15.4°C but it felt pleasant in the sunshine. The overnight low was 12.1°C, so a very small durinial range. It stayed dry throughout. About as benign a September day as you can get.
  13. I would class this summer as mediocre or unremarkable overall. Most days in the high teens or low 20s with a mixture of sunny and cloudy days. Not many heatwave days but not many washout days either.
  14. Just about clinging on here at 20.3C in my bedroom. But if it gets any cooler that will soon change.
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