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  1. The Hi-res APERGE 12z is pretty much perfect, with a dumping of snow in the early hours of Thursday for much of the region.
  2. Had a bit of sleet/snow in the last half-hour. Certainly looking forward to this weeks weather compared to last weeks grey,drab nothingness.
  3. Had a heavy hail shower here in the early hours of the morning and now a snow shower.
  4. Wheelie bin day tomorrow as well,lol.
  5. Interesting talk about MOGREPS,and i dare say it probably is one of the best models not readily available for us to see which is probably just as well as it would only take one failed Easterly from it and its reputation would be straight into NOGAPS territory. Anyway,hats off to the GEM if the Easterly train makes it to the station.
  6. That was nice. Just over 2 inches covering.
  7. Wet snow here now,not exactly a christmas card scene but i'll take it. Merry Christmas.
  8. Turned vey icy here already this evening,maybe a chance of some wintry showers making their way across later on.
  9. Very light snow shower here,must be at the end of the line for them dying out.
  10. Looks to be a decent shower heading straight for Middlesbrough.
  11. Just had a light snow shower here,and looks to be a few more coming in off the Sea.
  12. Tomorrow is going to be the coldest day we have had for quite some time with the wind strength combined with very low DP's and temps. Also those showers in the West are doing their best to cross the Pennines at the moment.