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  1. Can't come quick enough!.As soon as March comes around,my mood improves.I can't stand dark,cold nights.
  2. Well I'm in Dorset(Poole) until Sunday,and I've never experienced winds like this!.It is absolutely howling across Poole Harbour.It is truly staggering for August.Whay the hell has happened to August every year by the way?
  3. Everyone writing off August again!.Yesterday it was a positive outlook,today it's negative.Tomorrow?..Let's face NOBODY can accurately predict the weather a week from now.
  4. It's still roasting here in Hertfordshire,at 12.17 am!.I love summer,and like a bit of warmth,but Thursday was to much!.
  5. If it's 23-25 and reasonable,in other words you can function,I'll be happy!.
  6. All I can say is that's on a par with the hottest day I've ever felt in this country.It was like a sauna in my back garden!.I've experienced 104 in Australia,and today has felt hotter.It will be nice to have it a bit cooler though!.Fingers crossed for more plumes?
  7. Everyone WITH weather knowledge was completely writing off July and August a few weeks ago.Mr know nothing me,said have faith,I bet it gets better.And so it came to pass!.?
  8. As long as it's alright up to the 10th!.(In Dorset with the kids?)..
  9. To us laypeople my Spurs friend,what does that mean temperature wise?
  10. Where's these warm summer nights?.Days are great,but at night it's more like autumn!.
  11. It's been lovely here in Herts for about 3 weeks.Only problem is this nagging breeze.It seems to have been here all Spring and Summer.Wish it would go away !.
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