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  1. Where's these warm summer nights?.Days are great,but at night it's more like autumn!.
  2. It's been lovely here in Herts for about 3 weeks.Only problem is this nagging breeze.It seems to have been here all Spring and Summer.Wish it would go away !.
  3. Great!.Now if it wouldn't mind hanging around for the fist 10 or so days of August around Dorset as we will be down there then!. Weather please co-operate!..COYS.
  4. It's barely rained here in Herts for 3 weeks,It's lovely hazy warm sunshine again.Lets be honest, everyone only cares about their own area.Its been beautiful here for weeks,and I still think August will come good as well.
  5. I’ve noticed some on here love to look for the negative.You on the other hand look for the positive!.More power to you my friend!.
  6. Here in Herts, glorious day,hazy sunshine,humid and 24.I'll take this all day long thanks!.
  7. I've looked at another weather site,and from the 18th onwards it has some hot sunny weather showing?.Any of you weather bods concur?.
  8. Yes I agree.Ive got kids,so I hope August is good!.I'm an optimistic soul,so I expect this August to be good!
  9. Where abouts are you?.I'm in Herts and it's warm and sunny again.Everyone on here kept saying July would be awful?.Wrong!.
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