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  1. I’ve noticed we don’t have a summer weather forum open yet, so I thought I’d start this up to get everyone’s idea on the summer. The current predictions from the long range forecasts indicate a very very warm summer again. I think this is entirely possible and I think many have resigned to this, as 2007 style floods are looking more unlikely day by day with the weather trends. I was concerned we was gonna get a cool summer after February, but gradually I’ve seen the models and forecasters predict it to be very warm. I appreciate not everyone likes this weather, so how does everyone else feel t
  2. City coming up trumps when they need to again. Liverpool not winning the league with 97 points would be the most Liverpool thing ever
  3. I don’t mean no harm personally mate, we usually tend to spin it how we like the weather, it’s only a bit of banter. Sorry if what I posted or what others posted if it made you feel bad, we don’t mean it. Different outputs are showing different things I agree, the overall trend on the majority shows more settled weather, but of course yours looked unsettled. You’re obviously very lnowledgable I’m not criticising you one bit!
  4. Also brought us in Wigan about 20/30 minutes of showers, with 1 sound of thunder. Was pretty pathetic considering what I was expecting. Tomorrow will be another test but even then I doubt they’ll be that bad. GFS parallel, Ensemble and CFS v2 also showing starting next week warmer weather for us. I think we’ll be fine, just a nice little shower to get ready for the monster summer! 1976 style fingers crossed ?
  5. I should have known that, shame on me! Thanks for letting me know though mate, the trend of warmer months don’t look like stopping atm
  6. That doesn’t look settled I agree, the models do look like they’re becoming less unsettled though in general, we’re bound to have some models showing the weather that was originally predicted I think, the trend does suggest more settled though. May Day bank holiday just a couple of days ago was showing temperatures of 12 degrees and low pressure, now suggesting high pressure and 16/17 degrees. It’s one of those we’ll only find out the closer we get
  7. Get ready for our hosepipe bans next week ?. I hope you haven’t too however as I’ve said earlier, the long range predictions tend to be much cooler and wetter than when it gets closer. The thunderstorms predicted in Wigan today were more like heavy showers. It was a joke honestly
  8. When was the last below average month now? January was only 0.1 above, but still above
  9. Are a lot of the models showing the weather is improving Sunday onwards now? I’ve seen a couple suggesting so, especially May Day weekend. This unsettled spell supposedly lasting 2-3 weeks could last 2-3 days now lol
  10. I think it’ll be 9.4/9.5, but the end of the month (from a few models) looks like picking up again and 1/2 17/18 degree days could make a difference
  11. Absolutely, I agree there. I’ve looked at my forecast for the next 10 days, all of them were rainy just a couple of days ago, now Sunday is supposed to be warming up, that’s 3/4 days rain and not the downpours that were earlier anticipated. Similarly to how our winter was predicted to be freezing due to the long warm summer and Indian summer we experienced last year, when in reality apart from a week or two it was reasonably mild. I still think we’ll get a good amount of rain, but I’m doubtful of thunderstorms and I’m doubtful about how long it will last. This weekend we’ll be able to tell alt
  12. Even yesterday, near Manchester it was supposed to be hammering it down right now. Currently it’s sunny and 19 degrees. I wonder if our models are often quite conservative in thinking that there has to be a lot of rain just because we’ve had low rain levels, when actually we only get moderate rainfall and not the massive torrential downpours.
  13. These models so far this year always seem to become milder and milder when predicting a massive rainfall or storms will occur, is it just me who has noticed this? They backtrack quite often
  14. Signs that 2nd and 3rd week of May are looking warmer and dryer than average are slightly starting to occur. Data is scarce but there’s warmer temperatures on the North Sea and in France. I think we’ll probably get some warmer weather come mid May just like last year. This weather has been rather like last year so far, almost a carbon copy. We might not have had the beast from the east as such but there were a few consecutive days in January and February where temps didn’t rise above 0 degrees and it was snowing, which was essentially the same conditions as beast from the east here in the west
  15. As I predicted, as we head towards mid May the weather looks to be getting towards permanent summer mode
  16. Agreed with this again. Is the met office contingency planner down for you? They could be adding the 3 month outlook today https://www.metoffice.gov.uk/services/public-sector/contingency-planners?WT.mc_id=Twitter_Weatherdesk_Enquiries
  17. Is the met office contingency website down for people? Could possibly be adding the May to July 3 month outlook. https://www.metoffice.gov.uk/services/public-sector/contingency-planners?WT.mc_id=Twitter_Weatherdesk_Enquiries
  18. I don’t have AC, I just enjoy sweating to high heaven whilst eating ice cream and sitting in the garden. Cold showers help if it gets too hot. However I do like a good old barby too, something you can’t have in a wet summer. Finally, I do like being able to travel out and about without having to worry about the rain. I’d much rather have it so it was 20-25 degrees and warm like this week all year around, but I’d also much rather prefer 35 degree heatwaves than 15 degrees cool summers. Don’t even get me started on Winter!
  19. Thanks a lot! I’m new, only joined 2 or so weeks ago as I wanted to learn more about the weather as it’s something I’ve always lived with day by day not really caring about it, however this changed at the end of 2018 and I’ve been making myself familiar with all the terms used and being on this site with great people always helps. To add to my point, the latest met office contingency planner, long range sea temperatures, the French met office, the Icelandic met office, CFS (which is slated but of recently has been highly accurate) all indicate above average temperatures for the coming months.
  20. I agree with everything you’ve said. The early signs for summer is May will be warm, June boiling hot, July warm-hot and it’ll be quite similar to last year. The next 2-3 weeks will probably (touch wood) be the final wet and cool extended spells for a good few months. With August September and October looking warmer than average, albeit August slightly wetter, it certainly follows the blueprint of many good summers, like last year and 1995. Not sure how hot July will be yet so not quite 1976 levels, but doesn’t at this stage look 2007 or 2012 like
  21. The cold kills a lot more than the warm, I agree. I can see why people would want it cool but cold all year? That’s not for me. Each to their own though and that’s why all the opinions on here make it a cracking place to be. May it be 50 degrees and snowing everyone!!! ??
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