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  1. So people who criticised me for making this can not even complain any more. June 2019 has been dreadful in different ways. The first half was very cool and very wet, followed by constant thunderstorms without the heat beforehand (causing excess flooding) and then a heatwave that has been downgraded ever since it was first projected to happen. Very poor month, not as wet as 2012 or 2007 but not very far off here really. All in all quite a terrible month, even if temperatures have picked up in the last few days, as I don’t think a decent last week (though heavily downgraded) makes up for 20 odd bad days.

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  2. The GFS indicates that maybe, just maybe, this hot weather that was only supposed to originally last the weekend, then til the end of the week, and now maybe until the start of July is possibly here to stick around for longer. Similar things happened last year, when possible cooler and unsettled periods kept being pushed back further and further but who knows. ECM seems to be allowing for this possibly too

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  3. 1 hour ago, Froze were the Days said:

    No it hasn't been 'cold' bar a few days last week in the rain with temps varying from 12 - 14c, for most of the 19 days of this month so far temps have either been just below or near average here (and I'm just north east of London)...too many people getting carried away with recent summers expected high maxes.

    Well that's no great shakes considering since then they've all been varying from close to normal to very mild...

    Maybe the fact you’re so near London is swaying your opinion? It’s been dreadful up north

  4. Interesting fact, the maximum CET so far for June is 16.6 degrees, which is 1.7 degrees below the 61-90 average, and is only marginally warmer than May (16.1 degrees). This June so far is also only around 1 degree warmer than the 61-90 average for May, and in some places will be cooler than the 1981-2010 average daily maximum for May. It has been very cold indeed (like I even needed to say that )


  5. Interesting fact, the maximum CET so far for June is 16.6 degrees, which is 1.7 degrees below the 61-90 average, and is only marginally warmer than May (16.1 degrees). This June so far is also only around 1 degree warmer than the 61-90 average for May, and in some places will be cooler than the 1981-2010 average daily maximum for May. It has been very cold indeed (like I even needed to say that ?)

  6. 2 minutes ago, MP-R said:

    Down here if we manage dry and warm conditions for the last 12 days, and it warms up to at least average between now and then, we will be on par with 2007. The bad weather that month really didn't take hold fully until midmonth. 

    It would take some beating to overtake June 2012 though. With the exception of yesterday which really took the proverbial, this June has reminded me a bit of 2011 and 2002 so far. June 2002 started with a warm opening two days, then an abrupt change to cool and wet conditions out until mid month. June 2011 however had a hot spell at the start and finish so we've got to achieve that at least once this month.

    The weather in Wigan has been all of that, without the hot start of June. I went for a birthday meal and I had to wear a thick jacket. It was about 17 degrees and overcast. I think people obviously use perspective of where they live and I can see why some people in East Anglia say it’s not been that bad for example, but that’s not the case for the entire country and the north and Midlands in particular. Wigan was 10 degrees yesterday. If I told you the weather was 10 degrees and asked you to guess the month you’d not shout June would you? I think this month has been worse than both June 2007 and June 2012 here so far. This morning is the first day without heavy rain so far since this time last week (and we have a weather warning in place so I don’t think that’ll hold). Even when it hasn’t rained the sun hasn’t been out. I’d love to see the sunshine hours presently. 

  7. 50 minutes ago, karyo said:

    It hasn't been that wet here, just cool and cloudy. The Pennines are eating most of the rain before it reaches here. This weather is perfect for my long distance running as it makes it easy and almost effortless. The last thing i need is hot and humid conditions. 

    Wigan has been very wet. I know Manchester hasn’t been as wet because I’ve spoken to people working there saying it’s been sunny and I said they must be lying because it’s absolutely pouring down here. 

  8. 45 minutes ago, Azazel said:

    June 2007 (Using Stourbridge weather data) saw 5 days at the start of the month over 20 degrees after which a cooler regime settled in but temperatures never dipped below 15 degrees.

    It was 9.9 degrees here yesterday and right now its only 13 with more heavy rain expected later. We've managed one 20 degree day so far.

    Might scrape it again early next week but the rest of the output looks dire - so I think its fair to say June 2019 is on par with June 2007 unless there are some big, unexpected changes in the offing.

    Absolutely mate, in my opinion there’s no sugar coating it. The rest of this week looks a write off and whilst next week looks “warmer” it only looks marginally less wet, and temperatures are still below average. I remember at the middle of May when people said it would warm up at the end and we’d get the traditional late May bank holiday heatwave. Not even touched that so far and May gradually did warm up but far from a heatwave. The reality is if this June does warm up to average temperatures (bearing in mind no heatwave is predicted) and half of the month is rained out and the rest is completely dull and showery. If northern Blocking does stay in place (and early models suggest it may stay in place in early July) then this month is one of the worst June’s in recent memory. It’s the 3rd worst June ever in Manchester so far, much worse than 2007 and 2012 with only early 1900’s and mid 1900’s June’s before it (can’t remember the exact year). We have temperatures more than 10 degrees below average and people are saying it’s not that bad, it bewilders me. Like I said if we didn’t have that first day that most of the country was exceptionally warm on (not here) it’d be 12.5 CET which is one of the coldest June’s ever. 

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  9. Right guys, so I know this post might be a bit depressing, considering we are only just entering half way into June, but it’s hard to deny that so far this has been one of the worst summer months in modern times so far. CET is 13 but saved by the first day, would probably be 12.5 otherwise, which would be top 10 ish coldest June’s of all time. In Wigan, even the 1st of June didn’t hit 20 degrees, we haven’t hit 23 degrees for one day this year yet which is absolutely unbelievable. Also we have had above average rainfall. Quite dull. So I started this topic to talk about this potential historic (bad) month and to open up comparisons with other months. Today was the coldest June day since 1997 in many areas too! 

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  10. This is genuinely worse than 2007 here so far. Not one ounce of sunshine since last Thursday (and that lasted 15 minutes) and not above 20 degrees yet. Add to that constant rain especially in the past week. It’s safe to presume June will be a dreadful month in my opinion. July will be the true test. If we go into July with Northern Blocking still present it’s game over and we’ll have the worst summer since 2012, maybe even worse than 2012 and who knows just how bad it could get. 

  11. Right so we’ve just had a massive thunderstorm in Wigan, absolutely lashing it down for about 15-20 minutes, the garden has flooded, and we already had average rainfall. People seriously need to stop presuming that everywhere needs rain, Scotland is even worse. This is probably gonna be one of the crappest summers of the 2010’s in my opinion, maybe as bad as 2012. Northern Blocking seems prominent. I just hope there’s no 2007 style floods 

  12. 9 minutes ago, mb018538 said:

    Something to keep an eye on:

    Day 6 cluster:

    Day 10 cluster:

    Day 15 cluster:

    Notice how the very strong reds and oranges indicative of Greenland/northern blocking are starting to ease. 2 of the clusters show a build of Scandi heights too....so worth watching out for.

     I’ve noticed that too. Northern Blocking doesn’t look half as strong as it did previously

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  13. 2 hours ago, 38.5*C said:

    The ECM 00Zop also has chilly polar maritime air spilling across the uk until the 24th May and again after the 28th.  Some of us aren't in the South.

    Temps for Cheshire this week are showing mid teens and cloudy while London is getting the low 20s all week so nothing really to get excited about if your a northerner looking for sun and warmth.    

    That’s a surprise ? 

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  14. 1 hour ago, weatherguru14 said:

    I don't understand some of the complaints from some.. The weather has felt decent of late. Its not felt cold. It could be worse that's for sure. Could be feeding cold air all the way from Iceland.Like we have in previous late springs/summers. May 2018 was obviously much better. But its been an acceptable month so far in my opinion

    It’s been average, not good, not bad. Warm spells and cool spells. Disappointing compared to previous May’s but nothing remotely out of the ordinary in either aspect. We can’t complain that it’s been good/rubbish when it’s been average.

  15. 1 hour ago, Summer Sun said:

    Saturday 25 May - Monday 3 June

    On Saturday, much of the UK may well start dry, until rain reaches western areas later in the day. Showers or perhaps longer spells of rain are likely on Sunday and Bank Holiday Monday in some areas, along with some stronger winds at times. However, most areas will see dry and fine weather for part of the weekend. Temperatures are likely to be a little below average for the time of year. The changeable and rather cool weather is likely to continue through the half term week. There will be showers or longer spells of rain at times, including the odd heavy or thundery shower. However, there will be some dry and bright spells too.

    Tuesday 4 June - Tuesday 18 June

    There are only weak weather signals for the first half of June so we can expect a mixture of dry settled periods and changeable spells. In general, drier and less windy weather is more likely across northern parts of the UK, though southern areas can expect some of these quieter spells too. These periods of drier and settled weather will be punctuated by cooler, showery spells as Atlantic weather systems arrive from the west. In the absence of any strong signals, temperatures are forecast to be close to normal for the time of year.


    Massive decline in MO projection since yesterday. 

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  16. 56 minutes ago, The PIT said:

    Mays been pretty good here and by the end of the day we'll be knocking on the average temperatures. Shows how people have been spoilt by the earlier out season weather we had earlier this spring. 

    I get what your saying, but isn’t that a bit of a oxymoron? Good but average? It’s been average, not good, not bad. Warm and sunny spells and cool, wet spells. The last bit I agree with, after our last few May’s it’s a big disappointment especially but it’s still not a bad May. I’d love a bit more sun and I’m hoping the last week comes up trumps but it’s not bad by no means, and the CET would be higher if it wasn’t for the chilly nights in the first half. 

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