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  1. well a rather dysmall paltry end to a fantastic heatwave, with only isolated narrow shortlived TS showers. no 4hour long thunderstorms like back in the 80's. We can blame ourselves, we really wrecked the climate see you next summer
  2. probably traffic noise now that lockdown is over. but serioulsly, no strikes recorded in that band
  3. radar just shows bog standard rain showers southern england, boring
  4. The explosivness of yesterday was absolutley amazing, hot sunshine, cb clouds, lightning , constant rumble, and then for it all to dissolved into drizze and murk within minutes. you couldnt make it up! I hope its not another 10 years till we get a oppotunity like that again!
  5. anyone expecting the explosivness of yesterday is going to be severley disspointed, met already removing warnings
  6. Yes temps not high enough and looking very poor for you in bournemouth, much cooler for the rest of august as well...
  7. I dont think we will see a release of energy like yesterday, I mean that was outstanding, constant rumble - uninterrupted. 1 in decade event, sady I missed out, just on the edge
  8. temperatures struggling southern england, doesnt look good for release of energy
  9. Looking poor for S.E, perhaps wednesday will bring better chances
  10. Its been coolish, very windy and overcast in land too. Non of the models saw this.
  11. I was lambasted this morning for calling the downgrade in temps mon to weds. I feel vindicated now.Gone are the high temps ,just cloudy and windy max now 24 up to weds on london. Again we now chase 5 plus days onwards.
  12. Looks disappointing, and very cloudy. It won't be like the feb spell. Too much hype again.
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