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  1. About 1cm of wet snow lying here in my bit of Edinburgh, at 25m asl. Just back from a walk with the teenager, who thought it was fairly safe going out with me at this time of night, as no-one would see her with me 😂
  2. I can't really see how a bridge can have such an effect either. It's just the coincidence of it's construction, with Edinburgh going from being rubbish for thunderstorms, to having some spectacular ones.
  3. Completely unscientifically, I've wondered if the Queensferry Crossing has anything to do with the increase in local thunderstorms.
  4. Slept through the 5.30am restart. Heard on the radio there was over an inch in an hour in Edinburgh. I think I wouldn't have been surprised if the 4 horsemen of the apocalypse had come swimming down my road last night.
  5. Thought it had stopped, but more thunder now.
  6. In Edinburgh. It's insane and seems overhead now. Roof is leaking. I love thunder storms, but this is freaking me out a bit. It's utterly mental, I've never experienced this even in places like Florida....and there I was laughing at the Express headline for the most intense storms for 10 years!
  7. My daughter is off on a school trip to Paris for a week, leaving Edinburgh by coach on Sunday evening...... Once they get through the rain and thunderstorms on the journey, Paris is forecast to get up to 37C ?
  8. Hello, I've been reading for a couple of years and finally joined today, to see if anyone else saw the amazing ice halos round the sun this morning and diamond dust glittering in the air. Kind of made up for no snow. Hopefully I've included a photo....
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