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  1. Hello anyone about. No posts since nov doesn’t anyone chat anymore.
  2. Our local weather forecasters have said there could be a possible threat of storms tomorrow night. What’s everyone’s else views for the south (isle of wight ) ?
  3. Hello all hope u all enjoyed the snow. Here on the Isle of Wight was very much split we had a good covering in St. Helens where Sandown a few miles away had rain and then the west side freshwater had a very good amount. Is the area on the radar making it way back down towards to the island. I keep running the radar but can’t work out if it dropping south.
  4. Cheers zephyr. Got all the radars open and 101 tabs keeping an eye on progress while also doing my tax returns. ?Luckily my desk is by the window so can see what’s going on. Think I have covered all angles. ?
  5. Cheers. I am on a few fb groups for the island but they all say different outcomes. Luckily I follow the charts myself so can get an idea on what happening. I tend to read the mod thread a lot but it’s beyond me most of the time so stick with local banter ?
  6. Hi all Can I join team Isle of Wight. ☺️ been lurking around for a while. Love all sorts of weather especially snow. Looking marginal for us but hoping we will have some snow later.
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