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  1. Hawkridge reservoir Monday gone, might go up there at the weekend to see the difference!
  2. As an idea of rain today, an empty (yesterday) wheelbarrow in the open has 2.5 inch of rainwater in it... That's about as scientific as I get?
  3. Don't it just. Although there was only a few inches of snow in my town, when I went on the Quantock hills undisturbed snow was a foot or more deep in places!
  4. Cycled up to Cothelstone Hill on the Quantocks yesterday, quite deep snow in places going half way up my shins! Took 2 hours to get up there, less than an hour to get back!
  5. Roads were clear, could easily walk to work but still ended up with a snow day! Most of the snow melted by early afternnon.
  6. Eased off now, measured just over an inch of snow on the shed, temp still 1c. Snow melting near the house.
  7. We had puddles everywhere but still got just over half inch of lying snow! (so far)
  8. Huge flakes & about half an inch of snow on the shed roof! Wind picked up also.
  9. Ahh, I remember the 2013 news story of heavy snow in that area. (cars abandoned etc)
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